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Best Lightweight Bagless Upright Hoover Buying Guide

Bagged or bagless upright vacuum cleaners are some of the most versatile cleaning tools available in the present market.

Advantages of an Upright Hoover

upright-vacuum-cleanersAn upright vacuum presents its users with the benefit of not having to bend down while cleaning. Thus the possibility of straining back and leg muscles is eliminated, making it comfortable for users of all ages.

The power switch in upright vacuums is located on the handle or on the foot lever at the base of the cleaner and is very easy to turn on and off. Many homes have more than just carpet, and when tackling all floors upright vacuums can easily make out the change of surfaces from soft carpet to hard wooden or concrete floors using built-in sensors. The vacuum automatically smoothens out the movement, without the need for users to switch the floor heads in the middle to accommodate the levels.

Extremely efficient, an upright vacuum cleaner can clean large expanses within record time. They are very easy and convenient to use for cleaning unwanted debris and spilled ashtrays that need immediate attention, making vacuuming wide open spaces very fast and effective.

Both a bagless and bagged upright vacuum is easy to empty. Some cleaners allow the use of paper bags instead of cloth bags for more convenience. The bags are protected with filters inside, to prevent the dust mites from escape through the tiny pores of the fabric.

Disadvantages of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

One major disadvantage of an upright hoover is that it cannot reach the more complex and tight corners of a room. Secondly, the steering limitation of the vacuum caused by the fixed wheels makes it difficult to manoeuvre and reach some of the hidden places in a room.

Finally, upright vacuums cost a lot in comparison to regular ones.

How to Compare Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

Upright Bagless Vs. Canister Bagged  video comparison

When comparing upright vacuum cleaners you should take a note of the areas in your home that need cleaning. Do you have a hardwood floor? If so, choose an upright cleaner that has a powerful suction along with a broad choice of attachments.

Consider buying one with HEPA filters if you have pets at home. A HEPA upright vacuum is designed to pick up pet hairs and prevent pet allergens from affecting the users.

Assess the warranty that it comes with. While a quality cleaner will cost you a lot, you should expect a warranty of at least 5 years to cut down on further maintenance expenses.

Make use of online resources to compare prices to find the best deal.

A lightweight upright vacuum system is the best choice for the elderly. You do not have to bend down at the time of cleaning and you can steer it easily because of its light weight and portability. Lightweight vacuums are typically about a third lighter than a regular upright cleaner and they cost less.

What is a Cyclonic Upright Vacuum?

Some of the advanced cleaners are employed with the latest innovation of Cyclonic Separation Technology. The technology causes the sucked-in air to get separated from the dust particles. The dust gets deposited in the canister, while the dust-free, clean air is forced out.

These cleaners are bagless.

For more ease of operation, you can buy a cordless upright vacuum. With these upright vacuum cleaners, you will not have to pull and strain the hose pipe to reach even the furthest corners in your room.

Unclogging a Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • First, set the mode of the system from floor to hose and then turn it on. If the suction does not work, then, turn the hose off and unplug the unit.
  • Next, disconnect the hose and place the cleaner at a right angle to the floor. You can do this by twisting the hose base and lifting it. Now, drop a coin or small marble through it. If, it does not fall through, use a wire coat hanger or narrow stick to force out the clog.
  • If the object falls through directly, then you know that it's not a clog. Inspect the opening wherefrom the dirt and dust enter the drum to see the clog.
  • If you still can't see it then insert your finger or a heavy pipe cleaner as long as you don't feel any resistance. Twirl out the pipe to pull it through the opening. Repeat the process until it is completely clean.
  • Reconnect the hose and turn the hoover on to see if the suction is perfect now.
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