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Best Compact Portable Mini Hoovers Buying Tips

A small vacuum allows quick cleaning and is mostly preferred for its small size and easy operation. Portable and handy, they are powered by batteries that are simply plugged into the wall to charge.

Features to Look for in a Mini Vacuum Cleaner

mini-vacuum-cleanerMini vacuums are exceptionally compact and are meant to do small cleaning tasks like vacuuming furniture, car interiors, curtains and more. A standard unit measures 15cm x 5cm x 6cm.

The unit is powered either through a computer USB port or by a rechargeable battery. While the rechargeable ones have the added advantage of being cordless, both are completely hassle-free in operation, not needing an external power source during cleaning.

Small vacuums come with basic brush and nozzle attachments. The brush attachment is used to clean flat surfaces like fans, air vents, furniture and car interiors, whereas the thin nozzle blows out trapped debris from nooks and crannies.

Some also come with a bristle brush and flexible rubber tool, used for blowing dust, food crumbs, or debris from underneath the keys of the keyboard.

The drop-down dustpan will offer convenient and fast disposal of wastes.

Tips on Using Portable Vacuum Cleaners
  • First, study the cleaning area and determine the cleaning attachments that you'll need.
  • Crevice tools are great for restrained spaces, such as underneath the bed or refrigerator, or soft, thick surfaces, like cushions, couches or chairs. They're also great for cleaning the interior of the car, vacuuming under the seats, floor mats or even dash board. Since small vacuum cleaners do not have hoses or cables, they are very convenient when cleaning automobiles.
  • When cleaning the furniture or drapes though, use the brush tool. It's also useful for door frames, windows and cobwebs in corners.
  • For heavier messes, use an industrial strength cleaner to be able to pick up concrete chips and dust powders. Shop vacuums are great in picking up aluminium and wood shavings.

Things to be aware of:

  1. Picking up aluminium shavings with a household portable hoover can lead to dangerous fire hazards. You should always use a heavy duty unit for industrial usages.
  2. Do not clean mini hoovers in water or clean liquid messes with a dry hoover as it may spoil the machine.
  3. Do not unplug a USB mini vacuum cleaner from the computer or laptop while cleaning as it may cause a sudden short circuit in the hoover.
How to Buy the Best Small Vacuum Cleaner?

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Think of what you will use the small hoover for. If plan on using it for computers, you need a vacuum with efficient dusting capabilities and tools. If you need it for your car, then you need a small vacuum with good suction.

You'll need to inspect the vacuum before purchase to ensure that there are no leakages or cracks in the piping and that it's of durable construction.

Usually a compact vacuum cleaner is made of lightweight material that makes it easy to carry. However, they tend to break from mishandling. Choose a vacuum that is made of a durable material that is both lightweight and long-lasting.

Check the accompanying tools as they promise perfect cleaning. The more diversified attachments and tools a vacuum comes with, the easier it is to clean your home.

Check on the cleaner's battery life. While some uses four AA batteries, it is best to go for the one having rechargeable batteries for less expense.

Buy a unit only if you are satisfied with its warranty protection. Usually the small vacuum pump comes with a longer warranty than the rest of the parts.

The best small vacuums are lightweight, have durable builds, high suction power and excellent filtration systems that can remove allergens, dust mites and other harmful agents along with pet hairs and dirt for a healthy cleaning.

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