Sebo Vacuum Cleaners
British Allergy Foundation Approved Sebo Hoovers with Large 5 Litres Bags

If you are searching for a hoover that is recommended by respected carpet manufacturers and provides long term guarantee on the spares and performance, then Sebo vacuum cleaners is the perfect choice.

sebo-vacuum-cleanersAll Sebo hoover models carry approval seals of the British Allergy Foundation and are often recommended by renowned carpet manufacturers like Axminster Carpets and others.

Important vacuum spares come with a long guarantee of 5 years along with a labour guarantee for all domestic uses. Sebo hoover bags can also be bought in a pack of 8, which is quite economical and can last for a long time.

Sebo hoovers are made and manufactured by the German company of Stein & Co GmbH, Velbert. The company manufactures a range of both home care and professional cleaners, serving nations around the world.

With vacuum cleaners being its specialty, the company has reputation for manufacturing well engineered, reliable and tough vacuums that deliver brilliant cleaning performance.

Fundamental Features of Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Sebo makes both cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners. Each Sebo cleaner is designed, developed and constructed to be different from each other. But here are some of the common features:

SEBO X4 Vacuum Cleaner review - video demonstration

  • Allergy resistance - having earned the affiliation from the British Association in the UK, these vacuums have earned a high reputation among users sensitive to dust mites.
  • The average Sebo hoover has high suction power, reflected by the high motor wattage ratings.
  • Sebo vacuums have multiple micro filters that make them very effective. Some of the Sebo's designs have more number of filters than the average machines sold on the market.
  • Sebo machines are integrated with varied types of brushes to clean all floor type, upholstery, corners, cracks, etc. Examples are brushes like: Turbine Brush, Animal brush, Hard Floor Brush, Power Brush, Deluxe Parquet Brush, Dusting Brush...
  • Many of the hoovers have High Efficiency Particulate Air filter for improve air flow. The collision of the dirt molecules results in trapping fine dust particles. It also absorbs any kind of fragrance with its carbon filter.
  • The hose pipes are long for convenient vacuuming experience. Some can even extend to 10m.
  • Sebo vacuum cleaners are provided with a wide choice of fittings and nozzles that can be suitably used, depending on the cleaning area. There is a different nozzle for each area like, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, etc.
  • The machines are mostly light weight and compact to store. Even the accessories can be stored on-board in some of the machines. This saves a lot of storage space.
  • The tubes are usually telescopic. They are not only very light, but are also very durable.
  • Most of the standard Sebo hoovers are very quiet and produce considerable low noise level compared to other counterparts.
  • The five years long warranty is a remarkably positive aspect of these vacuums. The company will provide free replacement if any part of the vacuum cleaner gets broken within the guarantee period.

Sebo K Range Overview


  1. Light weight
  2. Compact and takes little room to store
  3. Very easy to use
  4. Ideal for people suffering from allergy
  5. Impressive performance


  1. Sometimes nozzles are awkward to manoeuvre
  2. Users find some machines to be unstable

Recommended Best Sebo Hoovers to Buy

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(UK only)

Sebo X4Extra Automatic is a 7Kg cleaner boosting 1300 watts and a BigFoot design. This unit has very high capacity Sebo vacuum bags of 5 litres and provides excellent suction power.

Priced under 250 with free shipping delivery in the UK, this vacuum is loved by pet owners, as it picks up every single pet hair, without fail. The machine prompts the users automatically when the bag is filled and needs to be emptied.

Pros: High performance; Moderately low noise; Durable and Ideal for pet owners.

Cons: A bit heavy and expensive

Sebo X1.1 is an upright Sebo vacuum cleaner which is good on carpets, upholstery and stairs. This unit is sturdy and durable. Ideally recommended for asthma prone users, it has an additional wheeled case for easy carriage. With a wide choice of brush heads, this device is also high on performance.

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