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Stylish Cylinder and Innovative Robotic Samsung Hoover

There is a steady demand of Samsung vacuum cleaner products in Europe in recent years.

samsung-vacuum-cleanerThe Samsung hoover appliances are available in three different types such as upright, cylinder and robotic. The cleaners perfectly combine high-end features and efficiency of performance.

Samsung is a renowned brand all over the world and it is serving with a wide range of products and services since more than seventy years.

The company has been successful to give new imaginative dimensions with its innovative and reliable products in the field of electronics manufacturing and digital media.

Samsung vacuum cleaners are quite popular among the consumers in the UK and that is why the company has introduced a wide range of products in this category. The company makes vacuums with decent features and most of the products are reasonably priced.

For those looking to repair or fix broken machines, Samsung vacuum cleaner spares are also easily available. You can find Samsung hoover parts such as belts, bags, brushes, filters, extension tubes, tools, hoses, switches, wands, etc. online.

Samsung Hoover Products Overview

Samsung divides its range of vacuum cleaners into three different categories, which are Upright, Cylinder, and Robotic.

Samsung Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Samsung-Upright-VacuumThese are capable of cleaning every corner of your house. These units are potent as well as multitalented. If you have flooring that has wide open space, then these Upright units can properly clean with the 15 inch main brush.

You can easily clean the areas that are difficult to reach such as tight corners or below the furniture by using the detachable Pop-up Brush tools.

The Samsung upright hoovers like models SU8860, SU6760 and SU2920 do not just clean up the floors and other surfaces, but also provide a cleaner environment. You can clean the air as these units combine Multistep Filtering System, which works in three different stages- seals and prevents leaks, separates debris and dirt; and removes smallest microscopic dust materials by using the HEPA filtering system, which is hygienic.

Samsung has developed Multi Chamber System after detailed research that effectively puts dirt in a single chamber. This makes the suction more powerful as less clog gets jammed, which also puts less stress on the motor. Upright hoovers thus provide more powerful and durable service.

Auto Power Control is another feature that can sense the carpet dust and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Samsung Suction Technology

Vital features:

  • Auto Power Control
  • Multi Chamber System
  • Multistep Filtering System


  • Less motor stress
  • Less clogs
  • Lesser noise
Samsung Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Silencio Cylinder Vacuum

These Samsung hoovers are compact and loaded with efficient features. The Cylinder vacuum cleaners can keep away dust, dirt and pet hair quite easily.

Like the Upright models, the Cylinder hoovers of Samsung also include the Multi Chamber System and Auto Power control. Therefore, it provides you with effective cleaning with less stress on motor and fewer clogs.

Samsung Cylinder vacuums also include the HEPA 13 filtration system in some models. This feature catches almost 100% microparticles and leaves the air perfectly clean and hygienic. Those who suffer from allergy or asthma, these models are quite effective.

You can clean up the bin effortlessly after the vacuuming process. You have to press a button and then drag out the dustbin. After that just pour the dirt out of it. So simple!

Samsung SC95 vacuum cleaner video demonstration


  • Multi Chamber system
  • HEPA 13 filtration
  • Auto power control
  • Easy to empty dustbins


  • Efficient brushes to clear pet hair
  • Good for allergy and asthma sufferers
Samsung Robotic Vacuums

Robotic type is newer among the other Samsung vacuum cleaners. A perfect choice for fast and convenient cleaning.

Samsung NaviBot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

With models like Samsung NaviBot, you can enjoy efficient and automatic cleaning with top class features like:

  • Visionary mapping
  • Powerful pickup
  • Auto recharge and resume
  • Virtual guard.

Visionary mapping- The robotic model NaviBot comes with an integrated camera that takes snaps at 30fps before starting with the cleaning process. With these images, the unit creates a virtual map of the cleaning zone. It is so smart that it can avoid twice cleaning of the same area.

Samsung NaviBot 2/2 video demonstration

Powerful pickup- This feature includes the usage of triple brushes for picking up maximum dirt and dust. It can also pick up pet hair from the carpet with perfection.

Auto recharge and resume- It's simply magic; when the battery power gets low, the robotic unit returns to the charging centre to get re-charged.

Virtual Guard- It creates an infrared barrier for bordering the area of operation. It will never enter near the fireplace or any other restricted area.

NaviBot is one of the recommended best Samsung vacuum cleaner for robotic types.

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