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A rechargeable vacuum cleaner is a smart substitute to a regular bulky one. It offers portability and is light weight, and, along with being rechargeable, they're usually cordless too.

rechargeable-vacuum-cleanerA handheld rechargeable hoover is small in build, highly durable and handy. Users can carry it anywhere because of its ultra light weight. They are fitted with rechargeable batteries that need to be fully charged prior to every use. Because they don't run on electricity they're very handy to use in places without power outlets.

Being cordless, battery vacuum cleaner can be carried anywhere without the limitation caused by cords. Hence, you can use cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaners to clean offbeat outdoor and indoor areas like under chairs, on couches, far reaching places and hard to reach corners. It's good to keep a cordless vacuum in your car for cleaning the interior.

Battery operated hoovers come with a built-in or attached crevice tools that do a great job for cleaning pet hairs from cushions, bed spreads and carpets.

There are downsides, though.

It takes several hours to fully charge, and battery vacuum cleaners are often drained quickly, sometimes within 10 minutes. On rare occasion, users can also suffer from accidental battery discharge.

Finally, a corded rechargeable vacuum cleaner features a much more powerful suction than the cordless ones.

How to Buy the Best Rechargeable Vacuum

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To determine which rechargeable hoover to purchase you should first identify your cleaning needs. Based on this you can choose a vacuum that has the right tools for the job.

If you have pets at home and have issues with pet hair then consider a vacuum that has a crevice tool for effective cleaning of pet hairs. If you are planning to clear up big cleaning tasks then go for a wet and dry cleaner for all sorts of liquid and solid messes.

Smaller and portable rechargeable vacuums are great if you mostly intend on cleaning your vehicles. However, keep a note of the capacity of the waste container. Small units have small containers, so if you need it to hold large wastes then small containers will need frequent emptying.

Assess the overall performance of the rechargeable vacuums along with the attachments they come with. Also check out the battery runtime of the machine. Choose the one with a longer runtime that requires less charging.

When you are investing in a handheld rechargeable vacuum buy one that has a warranty protection of at least five years to avoid incurring repair expenses.

One such model that meets almost all of the above quality standards and is considered to be the best overall rechargeable hoover is the Vax LiFE, which comes with Lithium-ion battery for fade-free performance and WindTunnel technology that keeps the air clean by trapping all the dusts inside the unit.

Troubleshooting a Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Place your rechargeable hoover on a flat surface such as a table. Press down the front bumper to check the spring compression and break any trapped debris within. If there is no debris, the spring will go all the way down and pop upward when released.
  2. Now knock the sides of the bumper with your hand to unclog the unit. Loose debris present on the wheels will come out with the tab. Dispose of the debris and keep tapping until the unit is complexly free of clogs.
  3. Next, turn the vacuum cleaner on its sides and spray canned air on its cliff sensor, bumper, wheels, etc. Make sure to wear face protection to keep the dust from entering your eyes and nose. Check the rear axle for debris, lint, hair or strings that may have been wrapped in it. If so, use a pair of tweezers to pull the debris out. If tweezers aren't enough then you have to remove the axle. Firmly press down on the middle part to dislodge the axle, and remember to put it back when you're done cleaning.
  4. Lastly, cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaners should be wiped off with a piece of soft cotton rag or cloth before being turned on. If the vacuum still does not work then make sure that the waste container is empty.
  5. To avoid further troubleshoots, ensure that debris and strings are regularly cleaned from the hoover's front and back wheels.

Irrespective of the quality of your rechargeable vacuum cleaner, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to prevent it from backing up and getting the best cleaning results with uninterrupted suction.

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