Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners
Come with The Longest Warranty on Eco-Max Upright Hoovers

The Panasonic vacuum cleaners are unique for their enhanced cleaning features, such as powerful dust pick up ability, easy to use double handles and low power consumption for greater savings.

panasonic-vacuum-cleanersThe brand Panasonic was first established in 1972, in the United Kingdom. Eventually, it became a leading exponent of consumers and business related electronic products.

The company has its headquarters in Bracknell and Berkshire and is being supported by the National Logistics Centre in Northampton.

Panasonic remains to be a renowned brand for hoovers for quite a few decades, due to its top class technology and features.

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners Overview

Panasonic hoovers can be broadly categorized into two types:

Panasonic-Upright-VacuumUpright Vacuum Cleaners

More popular in the UK, Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners are provided with built-in headlamps that contribute a lot in wiping out dust from several hidden portions.

Compounded with HEPA filter that actively eliminates small pollutants and particles that are nearly three thousand angstrom units in diameter, these units have an Automated Carpet Aligning System that ensures perfect cleaning.

Panasonic-Cylinder-VacuumCylinder Vacuum Cleaners

These cleaners usually come with a big canister on the wheels that can be easily moved from one room to another. Although, the bag less cylinder vacuum cleaners are quite large in size but can still be used with utter comfort.

Again, if you are fond of deep cleaning, the Canister vacuum cleaners would be an ideal choice for you. They even wipe out the minute particles, such as, hairs of your pets with utmost efficiency and craftsmanship.

Common Features of Panasonic Hoover

Here are the key features of Panasonic vacuum cleaners:

Panasonic Vacuum Commercial Video

  • GORE CleanStream HEPA filters are designed within many Panasonic cleaner models that ensure durability, efficiency and cleaning ability. Quite unlike the traditional filters, the micro-thin membrane of GORE prevents dirt and dust directly, on the facade.
  • The easy to clean and non-stick surface of GORE membrane releases all trapped particles with just a simple rinse or wave.
  • HEPA Cleanstrean filters provided with these products can be repeatedly used as they perform every time, with equal potential. The filters work anew, every time.
  • The new Panasonic 3-in-one nozzle caters to all sorts of cleaning needs with its single attachment. User will be able to clean all types of surfaces without having to change the nozzles every time.
  • All Panasonic Eco-Max hoovers come with a prolonged warranty of six years. Users will be able to avail the company service over a long tenure.
  • Panasonic vacuum cleaner bags are of a standard size of 6.1 litres that can accumulate dust in large amounts. Users will not have to empty it after every cleaning session.
  • The cables are mostly of automatic rewind nature with the units consuming about a maximum of 2000 Watts.
  • A large number of diversified brushes like Turbine brush, Hard Floor brush, Power brush, Animal brush, etc. make cleaning extremely easy.
  • Along with plastic telescopic tubes, the units are compounded with Fragrance Diffuser that dissolves all sorts of unpleasant smells for a better vacuuming experience.

Panasonic MC-E44 Vacuum Demonstration


  1. High efficiency
  2. Vast cleaning capacity
  3. Free six year warranty on all the Eco-Max vacuum cleaners
  4. Advanced HEPA CleanStrean filters for allergy free vacuuming


  1. The cleaners get heated up very quickly
  2. Customers complained about HEPA filter often getting clogged
  3. In some machines, the fan belts start to shred after few months of usage.

Recommended Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy:

Panasonic-MC-UL594Panasonic MC-UL594 is a bagless, upright vacuum cleaner. With a fairly powerful Eco-Max motor of 1500W and suction power of 350W, it has two motor nozzles that offer better and greater cleaning.

The 2.5 litre dust capacity, coupled with a wide range of accessories such as, the crevice nozzle, mini-turbine nozzle, extension wand X2, etc. for proper adjustment, provide complete cleaning of all nooks and corners of the house.

Other popular models in Panasonic's range include: MC-UL592WP47, MC-UG302, MC-UG304KP47, MCCL483, MCUI594sp47, MCUL672, MC3002 and MC-UL592 ECO MAX.

If you are concerned about replacement spares, most Panasonic hoover parts can be ordered online. A large number of online retailers sell original company spare parts at a discounted rate with free shipping. Panasonic vacuum cleaner spares are widely available; even at all the renowned local stores in the UK.

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