Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaner
The Most Popular UK and Europe Professional Hoover

The popular Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner can efficiently wipe out dirt from hidden corners and maintain a hygienic condition of your room.

henry-vacuum-cleanerHenry the hoover is highly proficient and has been widely acclaimed by more than ten international standards.

In addition, the Numatic Henry vacuums have earned potential fame among the existing brands in the market. They are primarily known for fun, cool toy-looking, efficient and ergonomic design.

The Henry cleaner features a variety of models that address diversified consumer needs and requirements in an efficient manner.

With efficient energy saving modes, the machines have integrated the technology to save a lot of time and money.

Henry hoover spares like dust bags, filters, nozzles, attachments, brushes, etc. Can also be easily found and ordered through many online stores with free shipping discounts. Those looking for replacing Hoover spares of their old machine can easily search through the Web for stores selling original company parts.

Key Features of Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaners:

Europe's Fast and Friendly Favourite Professional Vacuum

  • The two-stage professional motor along with the Auto Save energy conservation makes appropriate choices for all users. Each and every time users switch on, the devices will automatically activate the economy setting.
  • 30% improved air quality and 50% energy saving can be done through these features. In case, there is a need for more power to cope with the extra amount of dirt, users can turn on the Hi mode.
  • The 10 metres cable storage and rewind system competently ensures convenient vacuuming of the whole house.
  • The Hepaflo Henry vacuum bags with their efficient capacity of filtration enhance the efficiency and cleanliness.
  • The Turbo further offers a wide range of Henry hoover parts such as, 240mm crevice tool, 150mm upholstery nozzle, 65mm soft dusting brush for convenient cleaning of diverse types of spaces.
  • The Microfiber floor maps can easily access both dry and wet conditions. The onboard liquid dispenser further guarantees that the mop head expertly reaches the damp condition which eventually allows the larger surfaces to be cleaned in an efficient manner.
  • Another feature of Henry vacuum cleaners is the Spraymop that is widely used for the spot cleaning and maintenance in the various eateries, shopping outlets, offices, etc.
  • They are an ideal choice for those suffering from various allergies. They are designed with the exclusive Microtex filtration system, approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

Numatic NV200 Shredded paper test video demonstration


  1. Exclusive motor turbine methodology for better cleaning
  2. Super cable storage system clubbed with a long hose for convenient cleaning
  3. The active commercial filter systems for allergy free cleaning
  4. Stainless steel tubes for long lasting durability


  1. Users sometimes complain that the cheapest Henry hoover is extremely difficult to wheel.
  2. Very heavy and noisy
  3. A little awkward to store it in the cupboards

Recommended Numatic Henry Hoover Best Buy:

Numatic Henry HVR200-22 with powerhead

Henry HVR200A

has a two stage motor of 1200 watts. With Auto Save Hi-Lo operation for lesser power consumption, this unit has Airflow of 45 L/sec. This can be regulated, depending on your needs and requirements.

Henry Xtra HVX200-22

poses an extra advantage for the pet owners. Meant especially to pick up pet hairs efficiently, this unit is equipped with a unique Airo power brush. The three stage Microfresh filter makes cleaning even more effectual. With a 1200 watt of motor power and 2600mm of suction strength, this unit has 45 L/sec of Airflow.

Other bestsellers and top rated models in Henry vacuum range are: Henry HVR200A, Henry Xtra HVX-200-22, Henry Turbo HVR200T 2, Henry Spray Mop HM40, Henry Micro HVR200M-22 and HHR200-2 Henry Hound vacuum cleaner.

The Verdict:

If you are planning to buy the Henry vacuum cleaner, choosing the right model for your needs would be a challenge, because the company offers many similar functioning designs, with just slight difference in look and colour variations. Look out for one that host the largest number of features that you think you will make use of.

Pet owners should stick to Henry dog and cat vacuum cleaners, specifically designed with sufficient power for picking up the carpet pet hair.

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Updated November 26, 2010