Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners
Commercial Vacuums with Powerful Suction Strength

The professional Nilfisk vacuum cleaners integrate a powerful suction technology that effectively takes out small dust particles from the tight corners.

Nilfisk-vacuum-cleanersThese commercial cleaning units combine several adjustments and fittings that make the cleaning process quite easy and convenient.

The heavy duty Nilfisk hoovers come from the family of Nilfisk Advance, Denmark. The company was founded by P. A. Fisker, an electrical engineer in 1906. The company created a revolution with the discovery of a 17.5 Kg vacuum cleaner that can be solely operated by a single person.

Presently, it is one of the top suppliers of cleaning equipments in the world. Nilfisk Advance serves 35 nations around the globe. As evident from its history, the company specializes in vacuum cleaners.

In the field of professional cleaning machines, Nilfisk has marked a niche with its dependable, durable and well designed cleaners.

Features of Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners

Even though features keep changing with the models, all Nilfisk vacuums meet the essentials typical to the company.

Commercial Nilfisk-Advance Adgility XP Vacuum review

  • Nilfisk hoovers are designed in a way to get suction power at its optimum level. The cleaners are powered with dust pick-up and suction power that enables the units to suck dust out of tight corners with ease. The users will just have to place the nozzle in front of the corners, and the cleaner will get the rest done by itself.
  • The makers have carefully studied the science of airflow and have constructed the machines in a way that fully justifies the purpose. The units' functionality and design are just appropriate to clean undulating surfaces, unreachable nooks and corners, without much intervention of the users.
  • One very useful and striking feature concerning Nilfisk vacuum bags is the filtration system. The machines are crafted to prevent users from getting allergic reactions. Sometimes, some people are sensitive towards dust and cleaning for them is risky. With Nilfisk cleaners, any user can breathe freely while cleaning.
  • A Nilfisk vacuum cleaner is primarily known for its fast and effective cleaning. Users can speed up the process of cleaning with the Clean and Push system. The Filter cleaning system is also very easy to handle and can be managed by users of all age.
  • What users admire most about Nilfisk is its durability. Users around the world have admitted that Nilfisk are long lasting. So much so that they have worked for generations.
  • The Nilfisk Central Vac under the brand is just a perfect investment for quality living. They are one of the most silent, efficient and classy products the brand can boost about.

Nilfisk GS90 vacuum video demonstration


  1. Highly durable and dependable
  2. Ideally suited to suffice cleaning needs for all generations.
  3. The Nilfisk switch has been tested with 50,000 operations and has survived.
  4. The company employs the most advanced technology for easy, fast and best cleaning.


  1. Users often complain about some models making loud noise.

Recommended Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy

Nilfix-BronzeNilfix Bronze

is a highly advanced invention under the brand. With a power rating of 1300W and maximum suction power of 435W, this central vacuum cleaner is completely noiseless while operating. The dust bag and container capacity is both large for cleaning of large spaces.

The dimension of 36X42, 7cm looks very elegant and compact. It comes with a remote control which makes operation even easier.

Pros: Good looks and great design; 100% filtration for cleaner environment; Convenient to plug the hose in the wall inlet; Easy to install and very low noise level.

Cons: we've not found any major complaints worth mentioning as of the moment of this writing.

Nilfix-Extreme-X-150Nilfix Extreme X 150

is a cleaner with variable suction power, and automatic cable rewinds. With HEPA filter and fragrance diffuser, it can be used by people with dust allergy. A diverse range of brushes like Animal Brush, Turbine Brush, Power Brush, Hard Floor Brush, make cleaning easier on all surfaces.

The control buttons are conveniently placed on the handle bar for easy operation. Priced at around 250, this is quite an effective cleaner.

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Updated December 1, 2010