Morphy Richards Vacuum Cleaners
The British Made Hoovers with Convenient On-Board Storage Facility

If you are looking for an efficient hoover that can provide deep cleaning of carpet fibres, floor tile corners, or other touch-to-reach areas, then you can opt for the Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners.

MorphyRichardsVacuumMorphy Richards hoovers are produced by the British makers. Founded by Charles Richards and Donal Morphy in 1936, Morphy Richards is a well known manufacturer of home appliances. The brand is known to be capturing about 90% of the market during the last few years.

Being in the business of home appliances for the last seventy years, Morphy Richards have created a comprehensive range of floor cleaners, yielding high performance cleaning for all types of households and floors.

Those looking for Morphy Richards hoover bags, Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner spares and accessories can refer to the official website of the company.

Common Features of Morphy Richards Vacuum Cleaners

Morphy Richards Spillmaster attachment for picking liquid spills

  • The floorhead system of Morphy Richard cleaners is very powerful. Air that is drawn inside the cones creates 22 mini cyclones that together dislodge and agitate the dust and dirt from inside the carpet fibres and floorboards cracks. Users can use this programme to pick up dust, dirt and hair from the depth of the surface for the deepest cleaning.
  • While vacuuming the upholstery and stairs, the mini floorhead tool proves to be invaluable. Quite similar to the main floorhead, mini floorhead has lesser power, but shows excellent performance in cleaning such stepped surfaces.
  • Most of the Morphy Richards vacuums have automatic re-wind cable. Users can pull the cable to the required length. After finishing, they can simply tug the cord to rewind it into the machine. This is also a very convenient method of storing the wires inside the machine.
  • Morphy Richards vacuum bags are of standard size for easy accumulation of larger dust loads. After small cleaning sessions, users can avoid cleaning the vacuum cylinder or bag. Hence, a larger bag will store more dirt, which means a less frequent evacuating of the bag.
  • Morphy Richards hoover bins are very easy to empty. Hygienically, just a touch will evacuate them effectively. The pull and twist canister cleaner is used for an easier unloading. A press button is present to release all the hair, dust and dirt. Hence, dispensing off the dirt is not a problem.
  • The stage filtration process is done by filtering out the dirt twice and few particles are then, passed back through the pre motor filter. The cleaner the air passes through the filter, the lesser is the chance of the filter getting clogged. This keeps the suction power intact for a long time.
  • The telescopic tubes can be easily extended and retracted even without a press of a button.
  • Like the re-winding wire, all the other tools can be conveniently stored inside Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners to save space.


Morphy Richard's vacuum test video demonstration

  1. Advanced cutting edge technology
  2. Convenient on-board storage facility
  3. Long guarantee period on all products and accessories
  4. Designed to meet the needs of pet owners and those with allergy problems


  1. Not good for vacuuming small light weight mats
  2. Expensive
  3. Some units are quite noisy

Recommended Best Morphy Richards Hoover to Buy

Morphy Richard 71081 DC Cylinder Vorticity Vacuum Cleaner

This is a neat hoover with maneuverable floorhead for all floor types and surfaces, but is best used for stairs and upholstery. The air is drawn into forehead with 22 mini cyclones to remove stains, dirt and debris from the depth of the carpet. With controls on the handle bar and variable power to suffice all sites of cleaning, this Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner has an effective cyclonic filter, with a maximum power rating of 1400W.

Check Best Price & Buy (UK only)


  1. Amazing suction power
  2. Effectively picks up all pet hairs
  3. Easily removable canister
  4. Low noise level
  5. Efficient power saver


  1. Pets' hairs sometimes get stuck in the canister
  2. Has to make use of hand to remove clogged dirt from the canister
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