Miele Vacuum Cleaners
Best HEPA Filter Hoovers for Cat and Dog Pet Hair Cleaning

The pet hair cat and dog upright Miele vacuum cleaners are the perfect solutions for people who are extremely concerned about hygiene and cleanliness in the house.

miele-vacuum-cleanersThe dictum of Miele has been “Immer Besser” or “forever better", and the vacuum cleaners are simply a burning instance of this fact.

Miele, the German manufacturer of top notch domestic appliances and commercial equipments was founded by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann. Since the advent of its first model in 1927, Miele has constantly upgraded its vacuums with utmost professionalism, care and craftsmanship.

Miele has marked its niche in the market of hoovers with its reliable, durable and high performing units, coupled with advanced and smart technology.

Exclusive Features of Miele Hoover:

Miele S7 video demonstration for Deep cleaning with telescopic tube

  • Exclusive swivel neck joint of Miele vacuum cleaner is designed for easy navigation around the furniture. The vacuums can also be rotated effortlessly for getting around impediments.
  • Bristles situated under the Electrobrush can proficiently clean the depth of most carpet files.
  • Incorporated bumper strip actively protects both the furniture and the cleaner. Hence, users can operate them without damaging any other item in the room.
  • Miele hoovers feature extra long cables which prevent the need of changing sockets frequently. This leads to a hassle free cleaning experience.
  • With a standard suction power of 1800 W, the units offer outstanding performance. Users can manipulate the suction strength depending on their need.
  • With a wide operation radius of up to 14.5 metres, the quiet motor and unique sound lagging technology offer noiseless and very quiet vacuuming experience.
  • Some Miele vacuum cleaners are equipped with LED headlights that make wiping out hidden dirt and dust under hard to see corners an effortless job.
  • HEPA filter enables effective cleaning of allergens and dust mites to provide an allergy free vacuuming. These cleaners are strongly recommended to asthma and allergy patients.

Miele S7 Vacuum Cleaner Suction Test Review


  1. Flexible and convenient for cleaning around hard to reach corners
  2. Maintains a hygienic atmosphere with HEPA filters
  3. LED lights for convenient cleaning of dark, damp, neglected and hard to see areas
  4. Very quiet for a noise free cleaning


  1. Quite heavy in comparison to other brands
  2. Users complain that the hose is pretty vulnerable and short in nature
  3. Poor tool fitting methodology

Recommended Miele Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy:

miele-cat-dog-hooverMiele S7260 Autumn Red Cat and Dog upright vacuum cleaner is powered with 1800 Watt motor for effective pet hair vacuuming. With Swivel neck and Active air clean filters for wiping out the hair of the pets, the machines have Mini Turbobrush for vacuuming cut pile stair carpets.

The unit has Rotary Controls that vary the power levels while cleaning the upholstery.

Miele-S2111Miele S2111 Compact Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is stuffed with exclusive features for all kind of cleaning. With a fairly moderate 1600Watt motor, the machine eliminates dust actively. The Automatic Cable Rewind enables smooth running and rewinding.

The lightweight cylinder has been scientifically designed for hygienic filtration. The Dusting brush is an exceptional feature used by the Miele vacuum cleaners for cleaning skirting boards.

Miele vacuums range also includes other highly rated products like: S2110, 5281, S2110CR, S5211, S4711, S7510, S7280 and PU2111.

The Verdict:

Miele vacuum cleaner bags are made from a particular swindle consisting of nine layers that effectively keep hold of minute dust particles. In addition, these Miele vacuum bags have dust compartment filters that will protect the motor from many possible mechanical failures.

In case something breaks, searching and buying Miele vacuum spares won't be a big problem, because Miele hoover parts can be easily found and ordered through many online UK stores with free shipping discounts.

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Updated November 27, 2010