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LG vacuum cleaners promise complete cleaning experience. Particularly, the pet owners or the allergy suffers like the LG cleaners because of the Dirt Compression technology that captures airborne allergens and efficiently clean difficult areas.

lg-vacuum-cleanersLG hoovers are manufactured by the Korean brand of Life is Good. The company that is known to produce both telecom and electronic products was originally named as Lucky Goldstar.

However, in the domain of professional cleaning, the company has earned phenomenal popularity with different types of upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners.

Of varied standards, features and prices, cleaners under this brand are highly reliable. Though LG cleaners come with a full one year warranty for its all parts, LG vacuum cleaner spares are widely available online, at a discounted rate with free shipping.

Features of LG Vacuum Cleaner

LG Compressor Vacuum Commercial Video

  • LG Vacuum cleaners are known to provide a complete cleaning experience. The enhanced technology of dirt compression effectively captures dirt and cleans the targeted area efficiently.
  • LG takes great care in making the cleaners, especially for allergy sufferers and pet owners. The Dirt Compression feature captures all the airborne allergens causing irritation and allergic reactions. Thus, users prone to allergies can clean their house, without any worries.
  • The latest models of LG hoover sport the Motorized Dirt Compression which is the first in the world. This system intelligently traps dirt and transforms it into solid cubes. The Rotablade present inside the cleaner keeps rotating incessantly to and fro, condensing the dirt tightly.
  • As the dirt chamber fills up, and it is successfully morphed to cubes, the Dirt Full signal lights up to indicate the need for evacuation of the chamber.
  • Users can easily dispose the dirt when they are in solid form. Disposing off dust is very problematic otherwise.
  • LG cleaning units are so smartly and simply set, that it is very easy to empty the dirt chamber. Just by the flick of wrist, users can shrug the cubes off the compressor.
  • A special filter known as High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) is affixed to any standard cleaner under the brand. It is equipped with an odor and fine dirt air-shield. They have carbon filters that deodorize fragrances.
  • The HEPA 12/13 filters of an LG machine are capable of removing 99.97% of the dirt.

LG Compressor vacuum cleaner laboratory test demonstration


  1. Simple operation
  2. Unique cleaning technology
  3. Filters for capturing Allergens
  4. Multiple brush types for effective cleaning
  5. Sleek in terms of looks


  1. Some models are not efficient enough in cleaning stairs.
  2. Some create loud noise.
How LG Hoover Compares to Other Brands?

LG vacuum cleaners are primarily popular in the market due to their super-slender, compact and cool look.

LG, as a brand has been ruling the electronic market for years and has captured consumers for years. The products are highly performing and technologically advanced when compared to the other vacuums available in the market.

The prices range variably from 100 to under 200.

Recommended LG Vacuum Cleaners Best Buy:


has scored 14 in terms of product rating, and is a fairly performing unit. With a bin capacity of 2 litres and of bag-less type, this unit weighs a meager 6.5Kg and will save a lot of money, because you won;t have to buy LG vacuum cleaner bags. With attachments like dusting nozzle, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, telescopic tube, pet hair tool, etc. and automatic rewind cable, users find this machine very easy to use.

It has 9m long power cord which allows the users to take the machine to several rooms without any restriction. HEPA filtration system ensures maximum removal of dirt and dust. Priced at about 190, this LG cleaner makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Pros: Efficient cleaning with HEPA filtration technology and Multiple cleaning features.

Cons: High cost


is an upright vacuum cleaner with a dimension of 338X412X1010mm. With a moderate weight of 9.6Kgs, it has dirt compression system, HEPA filters, and built in 2 in 1 tools. Separate nozzles for cleaning both floor and carpet surfaces allows efficient cleaning.

It collects up dirt four times more than the conventional ones. The 1 litre standard bin allows accumulation of dirt in bulk amount until it is time to dispose the dirt off the bin. The Cost of this device can be found for under 250.

Advantages: Ergonomically designed handle that has controls designed on it for an easy handling; Multiple filters; Simple disposal of dirt; Allergy resistant and very cool Look.

Disadvantages: Very expensive and should have been lighter.

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