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industrial-vacuum-cleanersUnlike standard household ones, industrial vacuum cleaners are great for huge cleaning jobs in warehouses and factories.

Available in both bagged and bagless versions (drums and canisters), industrial vacuums are much more powerful and can handle large messes easily.

More durable than their domestic counter parts, they provide a very high suction power for efficient cleaning.

You can go for an industrial vacuum cleaner hire to test the ability and efficiency of the machine before investing. Though they cost a lot, heavy duty vacuum cleaners last for ages.

Benefits of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial Nilfisk Vacuum

  • Commercial vacuums perform efficiently by attending to every crevice and pit and sucking dirt from deep inside. Clearing up both liquid and solid messes, the vacuums take a considerable time in sucking the dirt fully.
  • A standard industrial vacuum's suction power starts from 7.5KW to about 25KW, which is quite powerful for both oily sludge and heavy solid messes.
  • The wet and dry cleaners can suck up all sorts of liquid wastes like oil, water, sludge, wet spillages, oil bunds, etc. These cleaners can be used in unclogging drains and gullies and even sucking up water and sludge from flooded buildings.
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners continuously suck in solid messes like swarf, chippings, dust and debris with the help of its pump, depositing them inside the container for easy emptying. Evacuating wastes is easy, safe and not at all time-consuming.
  • While the standard size of a drum is about 200 litres, customers can choose different sizes depending upon their needs. Drums are provided with forklift handles for easy detaching and some of them have a bottom discharge facility for unloading heavy loads easily.
  • Some of the commercial cleaners are fitted with a HEPA filter to get rid of allergens and dust mites.
  • The vacuum pump found on an industrial vacuum cleaner is also protected with super effective filters to prevent it from getting entangled in messes.
  • They are very rugged in construction, durable and require very low maintenance.

How to Maintain Industrial Hoovers

heavy-duty-vacuumAlways clean the hoover after using it. With an upright commercial cleaner, unplug and allow it to rest for a while. Next, take out the brush roll from under the vacuum and clean up the cobwebs, dirt, hairs, sludge, etc. as much as possible. Let it dry fully before putting it back in its place.

For back-up cleaners, unfix the attachments and clean them. Afterward, dry and re-fix the parts.

Do not forget to clean the filters. A commercial hoover has a powerful filtration system consisting of pre-filters and post-filters both of which need intensive cleaning. Furthermore, make it a point to wipe the exterior of the vacuum after each use.

If the suction system does not work at its optimum level or cause a lot of noise, then replace the belt with a suitable one.

Lastly, you should not strain the cords to make it last long.

How to Clean Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

To clean you can use soapy water to rinse the brush roll. Attachments can be soaked in a bucket full of water and a cup of Lysol and rubbed gently. This will disinfect them, remove the bad odour and clean them as well. Use a soft-bristled brush and soapy water to pry out the solid and sludgy mess gently from the filters.

For the external case of industrial vacuums use a regular appliance polisher or Vaseline jelly to polish it. Wipe the surface with a clean piece of cotton cloth to deflect the dust particles and make the appliance shine.

How to Buy the Best Professional Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Determine the suction power you need for cleaning your mess. Available in varying horsepower ratings, the power of an industrial vacuum cleaner increases with the size.
  • Consider also the size of the drum or canister you need for cleaning. Measured in litres, the capacity size that you need depends on whether you want a central or portable system. For big jobs, you should choose big drums and vice versa.
  • If you need to mop up dry messes like fine dust, debris, concrete dust, etc., then choose a dry vacuum cleaner. Will you be vacuuming flammable materials? Then choose the ones that use compressed air in place of electricity to avoid hazards. Air compressors in industrial vacuum systems do not have moving parts that can create sparks. However, it is best to choose a wet and dry commercial vacuum for cleaning both types of messes.
  • Focus on the filtration system, its style and size. Usually, industrial vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters that are great as they release almost no dust. The industrial filters do not permit even the finest material to let loose.
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Updated January 2011