Hoover Vacuum Cleaners
Reviews of Cordless Upright & Cylinder Bagless Vacuums

Hoover vacuum cleaners are highly efficient with user friendly features and proficient filtration system.

hoover-vacuum-cleanersHoover vacuums specialise in cleaning pet hairs from the depth of threads of carpets and bedding.

The brand originated in Ohio, US, back in the year 1908. In 1932, the first factory of the company was officially inaugurated in Middlesex, and soon it became the undisputable leader in the global market.

The company is widely known as a leading manufacturer of top-notch quality appliances providing a variety of products and services since the last few decades.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Overview

Hoover cleaners can be broadly classified into three types. Listed below are their features and advantages.

Hoover-Upright-VacuumHoover Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Hoover manufactures both bagged and bagless upright cleaners for all floor types. These cleaners are equipped with Airvolution technology that effectively prevents blockage and ensures strong suction.

Mostly light weight by type, these vacuums are fed with Anti-tip Stability technology grouped with a pet hair turbo brush that gets rid of every single stubborn pet hair present.

Hoover-Cylinder-VacuumHoover Cylinder Vacuums

Built in the same frame of the previous one, this one also has the same bagged and bagless types. Powered with HEPA filter, ideally suited for users who are sensitive to dust mites and allergens, the outstanding feature of these cleaners is their very low noise level.

The incorporated Silent Energy feature acutely caters to the needs of people who want their cleaning to be noise free.

Hoover-Cordless-HandheldHoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The cordless handheld types are very efficient in moping up both wet and dry dirt. Mostly used as caravan cleaners, due to their small and compact structures, these cleaners adeptly clean up all sorts of dirty mess.

The cordless upright ones are exclusively designed for all floor types. Owing to their extra light and small size, they can be stored up in any small space.

Common Features of Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Some of the most common and unique features of Hoover cleaners are discussed below.

Trash Picked Hoover Commercial Vacuum Demonstration

  • Hoover vacuums are mostly light weight and portable, especially the Dust Manager and Hurricane models.
  • They have UK approved allergy resistance. Users susceptible to dust causing asthma and dust allergies can use these cleaners ideally.
  • A standard Hoover machine has Multi Cyclonic Airvolution technology that actively prevents the filters from blocking and even assures that there is no loss of suction power.
  • The vacuum cleaners come with an active HEPA filter technology. It effectively locks up the small pollutants and dust particles and hence, can be preferably recommended for the asthma patients.
  • Most of the Hoover vacuum cleaners are silent during their operation. However, users who want an extra quiet unit should look for units hosting the Silent Energy feature.
  • Some standard to high end Hoover cleaners feature an effective wet and dry option. So, user can adeptly clean dropped yoghurt on the floor or sink clogged with grains of rice.
  • The models are mostly compact and small in size for easy usage and storage.
  • The Alyx Pets, Hurricane Pets, Dust Manager Pets, Freespace Pets, Purepower Pets, Sprint Pets, Sonix Pets and other models are specially crafted to keep the house neat and clean from pet hairs and ensure a hygienic atmosphere.
  • The vacuum cleaners are equipped with air watts to monitor the actual performance of the vacuum.

Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Video Demo


  1. HEPA filter for allergy free vacuuming
  2. Efficient removal of pet hairs
  3. Wet and Dry options for cleaning up both dry and wet dirt
  4. UK approved allergy resistance for smooth cleaning for asthma and allergic users
  5. Very portable and light weight


  1. Some of the machines have been complained to show poor suction power, after 5 minutes of usage.
  2. Needs frequent emptying of Hoover cleaner bags.

Other popular Hoover cleaner models include, but not limited to: HU4185, HU4204, TFC3185, DM6126, Tav1615, SJ144WSR4, Vpa0310, TCR4233, TC1208SU120RB2, TC1204 and Hu4205.

Those looking for Hoover vacuum parts can browse through the Web can find many online stores selling parts with great discounts and free shipping. Most Hoover vacuum cleaner spares can be easily sourced. However, it is always recommended to buy original company parts.

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