Hoover Bags Hygiene Tips
How to Prevent Bugs Crawling Out & Kill Fleas in Vacuum Cleaner Bags

For those concerned about hygiene issues related to hoover bags, here is a detailed look into most frequently asked questions and worries many people have regarding vacuuming storage bags.

buy-vacuum-cleaner-bagsWith multiple filter system, the bags trap in the dust, consolidate it, and facilitate easy disposal, but not all provide the same level of ease and convinience.

So what are available types of vacuum cleaner bags in the UK?

Unless the machine is baglesss, most will have vacuum bags for capturing dust, dirt, debris, fleas, allergens and other items that a vacuum cleaner sucks in. Bags are broadly categorised into two types: paper bags and fabric bags.

Most manufacturers claim that their vacuum cleaners are very effective in cleaning bedbugs, pet hairs, and fleas spread from their body. However, the problem does not end with them getting accumulated in the vacuum bag.

Listed below are some of the very common questions asked about cleaning fleas from a hoover bag.

Can Bugs Crawl Out of Vacuum Bags?

bugs-hoover-bagsAs you vacuum the whole house to get rid of the bugs, remember to remove all washable items like drapes, curtains, beddings, fabric toys, pillows, clothing, etc., to avoid the fleas from spreading.

Once, you have finished vacuuming; remember that the fleas have got accumulated inside the bag. Unless you remove it from the cleaner, they can start swarming out any time and spread around.

Hence, soon after you remove the bag from the cleaner, seal the opening properly with a duct tape. Mask it thoroughly and leave no outlet for the bugs. Place it in your garbage can and remove the bag from the house as fast as possible.

Since disposal is the chief determining factor of future flea attack, it is best if you put it inside a plastic air tight bag and burn it immediately.

Usage of cheap vacuum bags for flea removal should be strictly avoided.

How to Kill Fleas in Vacuum Cleaner Bag?

The hoover bags should be handled carefully to avoid further infestation. The cleaner bristles and nozzles can be sanitized with hot water and high alkaline soap.

vacuum-bags-fleasIt is both impossible and unsafe to try and kill all the fleas inside the cleaner bag. It is often suggested that spreading up borax or salt before vacuuming kill the parasites inside the bag. Hence, you do not need to change the bag every time you vacuum the fleas.

Even after the usage of borax and salt, it has been seen that some bugs start to breed inside the bag, and the resulting consequence is needless to describe.

Flea collar can be used to kill fleas effectively inside the bag. Before starting to vacuum, you have to put it inside the bag, so that it starts killing them, as soon as they enter the bag.

If vacuuming up fleas with borax kills them, why would I worry about them breeding in the vacuum bag?

Though, borax and salt claim to kill fleas and bedbugs inside the cleaner bags, the risk of them spreading after sometime stays.

As known to all, fleas are very stubborn to remove, once multiplied. Hence, regardless of detergents, collars and other anti-flea agents, it is always safe to dispose off the bag used for removing them.

Flea Control Video: Can You Vacuum Fleas?

The bags being a dumping place for all dirt and dust will make a fine breeding ground for such parasites, as they hate healthy atmosphere.

Should I Replace the Central Vacuum bag?

Central vacuum bags should be removed after every such session. In case of normal of dirt, such a bag can last long, but to avoid influx of fleas, the bags should be perished and replaced with new ones.

Conclusion about Buying Hoover Bags:

When it comes to vacuuming your house, try to use quality vacuum cleaners bags for longer lasting and easy disposal.

Cheap bags cannot carry the dirt properly. As they do not have proper sealing system, some of the dust gets escaped into the air, thus spoiling all the labour.

Hence, buy vacuum cleaner bags that have proper sealing system. If you order vacuum pack bags (getting a pack of multiple replacement bags more than 3 units) there will usually be discounted price on top of free shipping offer.

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Updated November 16, 2010