Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners
Best Handheld Hoovers for Stairs, Pet Hair & Car Seats

Hand held vacuum cleaners are convenient and handy alternatives to full size vacuums and offer quick cleaning solutions for mopping up small messes.

cordless-reviews Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless Handheld Vacuum Comparison

Most cordless vacuum cleaners, whether bagless upright or 12v battery operated units, can be taken into narrow, hidden and out-of-reach places where corded hoovers fail to reach.

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The best rechargeable hand held vacuum should have long runtime without the need for power supply. A Lithium-ion battery vacuum cleaner offers better, more consistent performance than...

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Standard compact vacuum cleaners' dimensions are about 15cm x 5cm x 6cm. Most cordless small hoover models are powered by computer USB ports or rechargeable batteries, but Dyson 26 City has special...

handheld-vacuum-cleanersMuch smaller and compact than a full-sized hoover, handheld hoovers are very handy to use. Cordless or corded, they are very lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere.

With a wide range of narrow and wide attachments, hand held vacuums can also be used to clean big messes. These vacuums are devoid of big canisters or bags, which saves on trouble and labour of cleaning them after every use. Many of them come with transparent bins so that users can easily see if the dust bin needs emptying. A standard hand held vacuum cleaner comes in a fair size of 0.7 litres bin.

With easy-to-grasp handles, the cleaners are very convenient to use. Additional Power Booster functions coupled with cyclonic action makes cleaning jobs more efficient.

Handheld vacuum cleaners do an amazing job in picking up pet hairs without leaving a single hair on the surface.

How to Use a Handheld Hoover
  1. Charge the hand held hoover fully before using. Usually manufacturers instruct the vacuums to be charged for 24 hours before use to get the maximum suction power. After removing it from the charger simply turn it on using the power button. For corded hand held vacuum cleaners, simple plug the hoover in and turn on the power switch.
  2. Run it over and play around in angles over the mess to clean it up. For best results, some of the hoovers are instructed to be run at a 45 angle lightly skimming over the surface. When you are done cleaning just turn it off.
  3. Release the unlock button to slide out the dirt trap from the hand held hoover. Cleaning the dirt trap is very essential as too much dust can cause the vacuum to stop sucking in dirt.

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners Varieties

Black and Decker 240 Volt Pet Hair Vacuum

Corded Handheld Vacuum: A cord based cleaner uses power during cleaning. While they consume very low power, they are free from the risk of unexpected battery discharge. A corded cleaner uses almost as much power as is necessary in charging the batteries of a rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Further, they cost lower than the cordless ones. With high suction power, a corded one is a much powerful handheld vacuum compared to the other types.

Cordless Handheld Vacuum: Cordless hand held vacuum cleaners, as the name suggests, are without a cord for easy usage and portability. They are equipped with an advanced suction and filtration system. Very comfortable for messes under the chair, high on the shelf and pet hair on sofas, a cordless vacuum cleaner can be used in cleaning car seats, dashboard and other areas.

Wet and Dry Handheld Vacuum: For maximum cleaning efficacy and moping up more demanding cleanup tasks, a wet and dry handheld hoover is ideal. With extendable hose for maximum flexibility, the machines are fitted with a patented motor and Cyclonic action to spin both wet and solid dirt away. The units are provided with dual action filtration and a side empty door for convenient disposal of dirt.

The in-built crevice tool is designed to deep clean tight corners and confined spaces with equal efficiency. You can store up the accessories on board for easy storage.

Finding the Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hairs

Black & Decker 12v Dustbuster Pivot Automotive Vacuum
(UK Only) Check Best Price & Buy

  1. Consider your pet hair cleaning needs. Do you have pet hair issues in your car? Then you need a cordless vacuum. But, a corded cleaner is more powerful and efficient in picking up lumps of pet hair from any surface.
  2. Purchase a hand held vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a crevice tool. A crevice tool picks up pet hairs more efficiently as it does a nice job with hairs on cushions and couches.
  3. Pay attention to the battery run time if you are going for a cordless vacuum. This is very important as some of the best cordless handheld vacuum cleaners run only for 6 minutes after fully charging.

For vacuuming in the cars, Black & Decker 12v Dustbuster Pivot Automotive Vacuum is among the best handheld vacuums in the UK. It comes with high suction power, a range of wide and narrow attachments and slender builds with onboard storage of accessories for maximum performance.

For blowing dusts, vacuuming garages, carpet stairs, mattresses, airbeds, etc. in family homes, the blue corded bagless Black and Decker Vh780 240 Volt Vacuum (for UK Only) as pictured above, offers ergonomic design with 3 stage filtration system and powerful 1911ltr/min airflow suction strength.

Whether you buy a corded or cordless type, wet and dry vacuums are perhaps among the best hand held vacuum cleaners for dual usage.

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