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Best Hoovers for Pet Hair and Multiple Floor Types


What is the best Dyson hoover to buy in the UK?

Below you can read comparisons and find detailed reviews of top rated Dyson vacuum cleaners - both cylinder and upright types.

Presented are the best selling models for homes, residential apartments, retail shops and commercial uses based on the consensus of online consumer reports and our editors' picks for 2011.

Dyson DC32 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

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The DC32 Animal Cylinder Cleaner is one of the latest full-size cylinder vacuums from Dyson. It is specifically designed and manufactured for providing powerful suction in removing pet hair on floors and carpets.

The Root Cyclone technology is employed to provide constant suction. The added cyclonic stage of the DC32 Animal in the form of a core separator ensures that even microscopic dust and dirt are sopped up.

The innovative mini turbine head tool is very handy in cleaning tight spaces such as under and around furniture, stairs, and car interior and even upholstered seats.

This bagless vacuum has a forceful and energy-efficient 1400 watts motor. Click here for full review.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • consistent and powerful suction
  • no need to buy bags and filters
  • trap allergens
  • easy to move about
  • cleans easily
  • intuitive to operate
  • 5 -year guarantee
  • adequate dust bin
  • expensive
  • quite heavy
  • quite noisy
  • quite bulky to store
  • short flexible hose
  • tube has the tendency to twist
  • homes with pets
  • dry vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • dry vacuuming hard floors

Dyson DC26 City Multi Floor

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There are lots of vacuum brands that boosts of being compact and light but the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Ultra-lightweight Cylinder Vacuum tops them all.

The DC26 is so small and compact it fits in an A4 size sheet of paper. It has Dyson's patented Root Cyclone technology for that powerful suction featured in bigger Dyson models.

Bagless and filter-less, the Dyson DC26 multi floor vacuum has a fitting adjustable wand with eight settings. The wand can even be disconnected from three places allowing the tools to be attached at various levels for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach niches and nooks.

Made of durable plastic, the DC26 multi floor ultra-lightweight vacuum has a dual channel floor feature that separates the carpet fibre at the front and back of the tool making it more effective for sucking up dust, dirt and mites. Full review...

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • powerful suction
  • very compact
  • ultra-lightweight
  • no bags and filters to buy
  • very portable
  • easy to operate
  • easy to move about
  • easy to empty
  • 5-year guarantee
  • quite pricey
  • electric lead not long enough
  • filters quite hard to remove
  • hose can't be removed
  • not for homes with pets
  • small dust bin
  • for small homes
  • dry vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • dry vacuuming all floor types

Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight Hoover

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Pet owners are pet lovers. Though it is quite annoying to have pet fur all over the house, flooring and carpet et al, pet owners would rather buy a new vacuum machine than banish their pets from the house.

Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight vacuum cleaner is especially designed for homes with pets. This model boosts of the Dyson Ball and Root Cyclone technologies which basically translates to ease in mobility (the vacuum) and super suction power.

It also features a motorized brush bar for cleaning and “fluffing” up carpets and a handy mini turbine head tool for cleaning closed and tricky areas such as ceiling and wall corners, car's interior, stairs, under furniture and upholstered seats. Click here for more detailed comparisons.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • great suction power
  • easy to move about
  • easy to use
  • full-sized yet compact
  • washable HEPA filters
  • approved allergen control
  • quite costly
  • not really lightweight
  • dust cylinder requires frequent emptying
  • noisy
  • short manual cord
  • tools not as easy to utilize
  • vacuuming homes with pets
  • all types of floors and carpets

Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

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Dyson is a leading name when it comes to vacuum cleaners. It is a well-trusted brand used by many UK homes since the early 1980s.

One of Dyson's notable accomplishments in vacuum technology is its powerful suction power aptly called Root Cyclone and the Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Vacuum boosts of this feature and more.

Though the DC25 is not marketed as a vacuum for pet owners, its forceful suction can sop up even deeply embedded pet and human hair.

Another remarkable feature of this unit is Dyson's very own novel Ball technology which makes the DC25 easy to move about and around any type of flooring and carpeting.

Its many applications include “hovering” ceilings and walls, cars, upholstered seats and more. Read full review.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • high manoeuvrability
  • excellent allergen control
  • efficient on pet hair
  • rates high in performance tests
  • large enough dust bin
  • five year warranty
  • expensive
  • quite noisy
  • not really lightweight
  • tools can be tricky to use
  • short power cord
  • bulky
  • manual cord rewind
  • vacuuming all types of flooring
  • vacuuming carpets

Dyson DC31 Animal Handheld Vacuum

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The Dyson DC31 Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful vacuum cleaner that is ideal for homes with pets.

Though this unit is compact and light, its suction power is relatively strong. It is ideal for quick pick-up of spills and spot cleaning of nooks and crevices. Homes with pets deserve a vacuum that can sop up pet hair (and human hair) effectively.

Households with an adequate upright vacuum can do with a second one like the Dyson DC31 Animal Handheld Cleaner.

Its dual power mode is very convenient for a 10 -minute run time for larger areas and a short 6-minute run time that has an even greater suction power for stubborn dirt and pet hair.

Click here for more details.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • powerful consistent suction
  • picks up pet hair
  • ergonomic design
  • bagless with washable filter
  • inclusive of tool attachment
  • cordless
  • rechargeable battery
  • quite expensive
  • quite heavy for a handheld vacuum
  • 3.5 hours to recharge
  • short operating time
  • does not work while charging
  • attachment can't be bought separately
  • quickly cleaning spills
  • vacuuming small areas
  • sopping up pet hair

Dyson DC31 Handheld Car Hoover

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The Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum cleaner is a very useful gadget for spot cleaning. Ergonomically designed it weighs a mere 2.9 pounds or a bit more than a kilo.

Its powerful motor allows forceful suction in dual modes. The regular suction mode gives a constant suction good for 10 minutes. Upping the suction force by another 70% will reduce the operational energy to 6 minutes. The Dyson digital motor used in this model is three times faster than other brands of handheld vacuum.

The digital motor is definitely lighter, smaller and more forceful than traditional motors. The battery used for the Dyson DC31 has the Energy Star logo making this vacuum a “greener” choice. Click here to read full review.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • ultra lightweight
  • very portable
  • relatively powerful suction
  • Energy Star qualified battery
  • clear dust bin
  • easy to operate
  • motorized brush for pet hair
  • no filters to buy
  • short battery life
  • no detachable flexible hose
  • long re-charging time
  • too bulky to fit between furniture gaps
  • other tools and accessories not included
  • 2-year warranty
  • made in Malaysia
  • spot cleaning spills
  • vacuuming small areas of carpeting and flooring
  • vacuuming car interior, upholstered seats, stairs

Dyson DC24 Animal Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum

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The Dyson DC24 Animal is a vacuum cleaner suitable for small homes with pets. The relatively powerful suction of the unit is at par with the larger Dyson models.

It is ultra light at 5.4 kg and compact because of its telescopic handle. Its innovative Dyson ball technology makes this unit easy to steer with just a flick of the wrist. This feature makes it easy for the end user to clean hard-to-reach areas.

The DC24's washable HEPA filter ensures that all mites, dust, mould, pet dander and other allergens from the air will be effectively remove.

The different tools and brushes equip this appliance with the necessary tools to “hand” vacuum seats, glide over the edges of carpets and up the corners of walls and ceilings.

Click here to

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • lightweight and compact
  • highly manoeuvrable
  • easy to operate
  • simple to assemble and store
  • powerful suction
  • portable
  • unique brushes and tools
  • 5 year warranty
  • effortless to clean
  • lifetime HEPA filter
  • quite expensive
  • noisy to operate
  • telescopic handle doesn't click to place
  • short hose
  • small dust bin
  • short electrical lead
  • vacuuming carpets with animal hair
  • vacuuming hard floors
  • vacuuming hard-to-reach areas

Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

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The Dyson DC24 Multi Floor is super lightweight at only 5. 4 kilos and its telescopic handle make this vacuum not only lightweight but also compact.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Dyson DC2 4 is its innovative “ball” and see- through dust canister. The orange ball is located at the base of the device a works on the principle of a computer's mouse.

The Dyson DC 24 is all about manoeuvrability. The vacuum does not have to travel only in straight lines but can go around obstructions such as furniture.

It takes getting used to the idea of a light vacuum zigzagging with ease through an expanse of hardwood floor or carpet. However, once you get used to the manoeuvrability of a DC24, cleaning the house should be a breeze.

Check our full review of DC24 Multi-floor.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • very light and compact
  • easy to move about
  • powerful suction
  • innovative ball mechanism
  • intuitive to assemble
  • versatile and easy to use
  • extra brushes and fittings
  • 5-year warranty
  • easy to clean
  • not really cheap
  • quite noisy but tolerable
  • dust bin too small
  • cable cord too short
  • short telescopic hose
  • not for big areas
  • cleaning different floor types
  • vacuuming hard floors
  • vacuuming small areas
  • tight corners
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