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Bagged and Best Bagless Cylinder Hoovers Reviews

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are an ideal cleaning option with a much reduced manual toil. Initially known as pull along vacuums, these machines are very easy to carry along in any room.

Why Should I Buy a Cylinder Hoover?

cylinder-vacuum-cleanersCylinder vacuums are very compact, lightweight and portable. They consume very little space and weigh about 8 to 10 kgs. They look extremely stylish and fit any decor and can be dragged along to any room that needs cleaning with minimal effort, which makes it perfect for elderly people.

Totally versatile, they are provided with oodles of attachments like a mini-turbine head, turbine head, brush tool, crevice tool, stair tool, etc. These units are great in cleaning all sorts of surfaces with equal efficiency. And with no filters and bags to replace, a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is a one-time investment without the worries of recurring expenses.

Most cylinder hoovers come with a standard container capacity of 2 litres and are provided with telescopic tubes, which are highly durable. They're also equipped with a long hose for convenient access to all corners. Accessible to all complex corners, the unit can reach out to all deep cracks and tight angles to suck out accumulated dirt. You can also use these light weight, portable devices to vacuum the insides of cars easily. A standard machine comes with a cable length of 6.5 metres.

With varied suction power, cylinder vacuums are fitted with a powerful motor for efficient cleaning. They can suck dust up from deep inside the fibres and strands of carpets, curtains, bed spreads, etc, and most of them come with a HEPA filtration system to get rid of allergens, dust mites and tiny particulates, making them ideal for pet owners.

Disadvantages of Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Cylinder hoovers are quite expensive and out of the reach for some consumers. They can also sometimes be difficult to clean, especially when having to scrape out the consolidated dust at the bottom of the vacuum.

A bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner has the trouble and expense of replacing the bags regularly. This causes a recurrent expenditure.

Changing the Belt on a Cylinder Vacuum
  • Lay the cleaner on the floor upside-down. Look for the belt that is looped around the rolling cylinder. Use a flathead screwdriver to locate the release tab and pull out the brush cylinder by gently pressing the clips.
  • Around the corner of the back wheels, you will find the release tab to take apart the entire bottom of the cleaner. Pry off the bottom with the help of a screw driver and you will be able to see the other end of the belt looped over the back wheels.
  • Release the belt from the wheel and go to the brush cylinder to release the other end.
  • Replace the vacuum belt with a new one. Hook up one end of the belt over the wheel peg and tuck the other end around the brush cylinder. Put the vacuum back and snap the brush cover into their slot.

How to Buy the Best Bagless Cylinder Vacuum

Miele S5 Cylinder Vacuum production at the fatory - video demonstration

First decide whether you want one of the bagged cylinder vacuum cleaners or a bagless cylinder hoover. If, you choose a bagless hoover you will have to clean it after every use to keep it working. If you choose a bagged one you will have to incur the expense of changing the bags every now and then.

Next, decide the types of surfaces and floors that you will be cleaning. If you have a combination of hardwoods, carpet, linoleum, and wood laminates, then choose a hoover that can handle both carpet thickness, as well as smooth surfaces with equal efficiency.

Though a cylinder vacuum is usually small and lightweight, it can vary greatly in shape and size. Many of the best cylinder vacuum cleaner reviews recommend purchasing a lightweight, heavy duty model that can be easily transported if you own a two-story home. You should also buy a cleaner that has a HEPA filter in it. These filters are easily washable and can trap all the allergy causing mites and bacteria inside the container. Both bagged and baggless vacuums have this filtration system.

Buy a hoover that has high amp rating. The higher the amp, the more powerful suction it features and the better it cleans.

Noted for its efficiency, a Bosch cylinder vacuum is considered to be among the best cylinder vacuums. However, you can also consider buying a Bissell cylinder vacuum cleaner for its durability and efficiency.

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