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Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum UK Comparison

A cordless vacuum cleaner is a very useful tool that offers various advantages over a standard vacuum.

Pros of Cordless Vacuums

cordless-vacuum-cleanerLightweight, flexible and easy to carry, cordless handhelds are great for tasks for which a regular vacuum cleaner would be too bulky, such as the interiors of cars.

A cordless handheld vacuum can easily be taken into narrow, hidden, out-of-reach places where corded vacuums fail to reach. Spaces under furniture, narrow corners and inside vehicles are no longer obstacles. They're also very convenient to use because of the lack of a cord. This can save the owner money on repair bills for damaged cords, common in corded units.

Cordless handhelds are also relatively cheaper than full-sized vacuums, Yet, they're still efficient, and perform almost equally to their cordless counterparts.

Best of all, cordless hoovers don't consume power directly, since they run on rechargeable batteries . You just need to charge them before using.

Cons of a Cordless Hoover

There are some disadvantages though, which are important to consider.

Since cordless vacuum cleaners run on battery power you might suffer from accidental power drain if they're not charged adequately. An average unit only runs about 20 minutes fully charged, so you will need to charge them often. Due to constant use, the batteries might die quickly. The batteries need replacement once every year which is a recurrent expense.

Handheld's are also not meant for heavy tasks. Due to their short runtime, they're mostly only good on small solid messes.

Best Cordless Hand held Vacuum Buying Tips

Black & Decker 12v Pivot Nose Dustbuster
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First, decide on what you want to clean with the cordless vacuum cleaner. Is it your drapes or the hairs shed by your pets or the floor covering? If you need to vacuum under furniture then make sure your cleaner has a swivel head that can gain easy access around furniture legs and low lying stuffs.

If you want to clean deep rug piles then observe the power head carefully. Most of the expensive cleaners come with adjustable height for allowing deeper vacuuming.

If you need it to handle dust to prevent intense allergies then look for a unit featuring a HEPA filter that traps dust and allergens. Some cordless cleaners come with dual filters for filtering major trash in the first filter and keeping the bacteria from spreading back into the air in the second.

Consider if you need an upright cleaner or hand held cordless vacuum for emergency cases. Are you looking for a bagged or bagless type? Bags will need regular replacement, whereas the canisters don't and offer easy disposal of dirt.

Also consider the charger mechanism of the hoover. With two available types, an all-in-one unit that serves as a charger and stand for the cleaner and another with a separate charger for batteries, pick the one that offers utmost convenience.

Enquire about the charge and runtime of the batteries. Most cleaners demand an overnight charge time and run 15 to 20 minutes. Choose a unit that will satisfy your cleaning needs to save on unnecessary expenses.

Comparing Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in UK Stores

Vax U91-LF-B LiFE Bagless Hoover
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Aspects that make the difference between wireless cleaner models are vacuuming features, attachments, weight, battery life, and storage. If you want to buy a model that transforms handheld to upright mode, then consider how easily it gets transformed.

In accordance to your cleaning needs, compare the suction power of the vacuums and the attachments that are available. Also, a cordless handheld vacuum is meant to be lightweight, so look for a unit that is light to carry and of quality construction for durability.

Other things to take notice of are the duration of a typical charge and how much vacuuming time it provides. Pick a 12 to 18v cordless vacuum for extended usage needs.

A good cordless vacuum cleaner has additional features like compact charging and foldable handles for easy and less space-consuming storage of the unit.

Many consumers found Draper, Vax, Dyson, Black & Decker and Electrolux cordless vacuum to be the best cordless vacuum models in the UK market.

How to Use a Handheld Cordless Vacuum?

First, ensure that it is fully charged before vacuuming. Once turned on, the handheld is used to suck up loose debris and dust. Since the vacuum's charge doesn't last long, work quickly. Attach the built-in extension nozzle to suck up debris from behind large furniture and in tight corners.

After turning it off, slide the container out and shake off the dirt. Remove any clogs by poking with a stick, pin or pencil. If it is a bagged model, remove the filter and wash it with a soft brush or rag. Replace the used bag with a new one. Cordless vacuum cleaners should be returned to their charging station after use.

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