Cheap Vacuum Cleaners
Money Saving Tips When Buying Cheap Hoovers

cheap-vacuum-cleanersMost cheap vacuum cleaners come under 100 and offer a selection of features along with moderately high performance.

You can find bagged, bagless, upright, rechargeable and cordless varieties within this price range.

Dyson and Numatic Henry are two of the reputable brands in the UK offering robust and high performance at an affordable cheap price. Electrolux, Vax and Sebo also offer technologically advanced and stylish cheap hoovers. You will further get remarkable discounts on these products by shopping from online stores.

Can a Cheap Hoover be Worthwhile?

vacuum-sparesYes, cheap vacuums can do a good job if they have strong construction. Most vacuum cleaners are lightweight and made of brittle material that lasts for a short time. To determine the durability, you should check the warranty terms of the cleaner. If the construction is not heavy duty, then the manufacturers will not hold up a warranty protection.

The suction power determines the performance of the cleaner. Take a look at the amps the vacuum consumes during its operation. While most trusted companies print them on the box, those who don't indicate a low number, which means low performance.

A cheap vacuum cleaner will prove efficient only if it has a broad range of both wide and narrow nozzles and vacuuming attachments for cleaning all sorts of surfaces. Most important of these is the crevice tool, which is particularly versatile in picking up pet hairs and cleaning tight corners.

The biggest problem accompanying a budget vacuum cleaner is the filtration system. Whether it is a bagless, bagged, canister or upright vacuum cleaner, it should feature a high-quality filter. To prevent dust mites and allergens from spreading into your home's atmosphere, you need to have a HEPA filter.

How to Distinguish Between Cheap Vacuum Cleaners UK Stores Offer

  • The brand name makes all the difference. While most reputable brands offer units at sky-high prices, try finding a vacuum brand that is highly regarded for its high quality and low-price units.
  • Look for features like a detachable dirt cup for easy disposal of trash, headlights for accessing the dark hidden spaces, top quality filters, power switches on handle bars for convenient usage and other features depending on your cleaning needs.
  • Shopping online is the most probable way of finding a great cheap vacuum cleaner. Most online retailers offer considerable discounts on reputed brands. Thus, even though they are offered at a great price, the discounts slash off the price. You can also read reviews and customers' feedbacks and ratings of different cleaners over the Web.
  • You can avail the websites for a comparative study of vacuum cleaners to pick the right one. Quickly compare the features and prices of a series of chosen products to buy the one that suits your need the most.

Money Saving Tips When Buying Cheap Vacuums

buy-vacuum-cleaner-bagsBuy cheap vacuum bags for cheap hoovers to save money. If the manufacturer's bag gets torn, buy a cheap vacuum bag and cut out a piece from it to fit the hole. Stitch it over the torn place and refresh it with some baking soda for longer use.

Buy a vacuum cleaner that is energy efficient. Lower consumption of current will save some money on electricity. You can also consider rechargeable cheap vacuum cleaners that operate on batteries. Though they don't have an impressive runtime, they consume far lesser electricity than the full-sized ones.

Keep the filtration system clean and maintained regularly to make it last long. Wash it with soap and a soft-bristled brush for proper preservation.

Service the machine at least twice a year to keep it going uncomplainingly for long.

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Updated January 2011