Bosch Vacuum Cleaners
Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient & Versatile Bagless Hoovers

If you are looking for energy efficient, heavy duty hoovers, then Bosch vacuum cleaners can be the right choice for you.

bosch-vacuum-cleanersBosch cleaner is integrated with the right technology, coupled with compressor motors that are designed to consume less energy and last longer than normal machines.

The Bosch Group of Germany is an internationally acclaimed supplier of both technology and services. The brand has been offering top notch quality products for the last few decades and is hence, one of the celebrated brands in the United Kingdom, as well as Europe and North America.

Over the years, Bosch vacuums have acquired remarkable success, globally, in the field of upright and bagless vacuuming and cleaning products. The company has a wide range of innovative and widely preferred cleaners to its credit.

Bosch Hoover Reviews:

Bosch vacuum cleaners are mostly energy efficient and have a high cleaning ability. The products have been ruling the market for years, due to their durability and highly performance.

Bosch hoover bags are of high quality with a standard size of 4.5litres. The machines are equipped with indicators that signal the users when the Bosch vacuum cleaner bags get filled.

Every unit comes with exclusive wheels and hoses for an easy cleaning experience.

Salient Features of Bosch Vacuum Cleaners:

Listed below are some of the features that are more or less common in all Bosch vacuum products.

Bosch Roxx'x bagless vacuum cleaner video demonstration

  • Bosch cleaners are impressive in their first look owing to their cool and sleek style. The pull along vacuums is the ideal example of style infused with smart technology.
  • Bosch vacuum bags offer huge storage space. The company has very efficiently designed them to ensure that they do carry large loads without emitting bad smells and unpleasant odors.
  • One beneficial aspect of the Bosch upright vacuum cleaners is that they require no bending backwards. This is especially important for elderly or people with backspain problems .
  • The easy usability of the cleaners makes it possible for users of all generations to operate them easily.
  • Bosch vacuum parts play a pivotal role in respect of cleaning tight corners. Their efficient design allows the cleaners to deliver performance at its optimum level.
  • The long hose that comes with all Bosch vacuums makes working on stairs and upholstery an easy and delightful experience for the users.
  • The HEPA filter actively resists allergens and other viruses suspended in the air. Hence, users suffering from asthma and other allergic syndromes can use these cleaners without worrying about getting affected by dust mites. Further, the filters contribute to administer a neat and perfect cleaning by turning aside all sorts of dust and dirt.
  • The wheels of these cleaners are exclusively designed for easy navigation without getting damaged by hard floors.
  • The vacuums are fitted with rubber bumpers that make them go gentle on furniture and other stuffs that stay laid about in the house.

Bosch Free'e Vacuum Cleaner can reach every corner of your house


  1. Heavy duty for more effective cleaning
  2. High performance and energy efficient
  3. Compact and classy in terms of looks
  4. HEPA filter for allergy resistance
  5. Bosch vacuum cleaner spares that come in the package are ideal for cleaning both hard and delicate floorings.


  1. Some of the cleaners lack the power to pick up carpet pet hairs
  2. Expensive initial investment

Recommended Bosch Vacuum Cleaner Best Buy:


has a very long cord that extends the operating radius up to 13m. The transparent AirBumper alerts the device about impediments in the way. With a long life compressor and metal telescopic tube, this model is low on energy consumption, high on performance, and easy on usability. The special Air Flow Control and Air Safe system caters to the need of effective cleaning.

Advantages: Good performance; Long hose for convenient cleaning; Specialized features for different cleaning needs and 360 connection roller for convenient and versatile manoeuvring.

Disadvantages: Very big and bulky unit; Hose and pipes are not lockable, and hence keeps coming out.

Bosch-BSGL3126GBBosch BSGL3126GB Pro Energy

is one of the most advanced Bosch hoovers, with special aerodynamic blades accompanied with standardized Air Flow. The unit comes with an adaptable floor tool, along with crevice tool and upholstery nozzle that promise complete cleaning. The MEGAfiltSuperTEX self sealing dust bag doubled with the ergonomic grip handle cleans the dust and dirt proficiently with its variable suction.

Pros: Super-advanced and smart technology that deliver high performance; Self sealing dust bag for easy disposal of dirt.

Cons: Expensive.

Other popular and some of the best selling Bosch vacuum cleaners include: BSCL 4000, BSGL 5126, BSGL5225BSGL, BSGL62255 PRO 1, BSG 8 PRO 1, BSGL 31266, BGS6225, BSG72225 and BOSBSGMOVE3.

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Updated November 25, 2010