Bagless Vacuum Cleaners
Maintenance, Cleaning Tips & Comparison of Pros Vs. Cons

bagless-vacuum-cleanersBagless vacuum cleaners work by producing a circular air flow inside the container carrying dirt.

Employing Cyclonic Separation Technology they pull the air towards the centre, the air is filtered and freed out of the canister depositing the dust and dirt inside.

Bagless vacuums are available in varied canister sizes, suction powers and styles. While an upright cleaner is considered by many as the best bagless vacuum cleaner, consider your needs before picking the right one.

Pros of Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaners
  1. As the name implies, bagless hoovers use a metal container to collect dust, dirt and debris. The air sucked in gets liberated leaving only the dirt inside. The container can hold more dirt than a bag, requiring less frequent emptying.
  2. Unlike bagged types, you can check anytime if the container is full and needs emptying, and the cylinders do not need to be replaced regularly.
  3. If you accidentally vacuum something precious like, small earrings, rings, etc., you can easily retrieve it from the container.
  4. Addressing the frequent problem of filter change, some modern upright vacuums are devoid of filters.
Cons of Bagless Hoovers
  1. The canisters need regular cleaning to get uninterrupted suction power. The filters on a bagless vacuum cleaner require thorough brushing, washing, drying or replacement regularly, which is a heavy chore.
  2. The money saved from not buying bags instead gets spent in yearly replacement of filters. In fact, the price of the hoover filters sometimes amounts to that of the bags.
  3. Emptying of the container of a bagless hoover is troublesome as you will have to shake off and scrape out the consolidated dirt from the bottom of the container. Sometimes, the users complain that in the process of cleaning, the dust gets dispersed back into the air and rooms.
How to Clean a Bagless Canister Vacuum?

bagless-canister-vacuumTo clean cylinder bagless vacuum cleaners use the lever to slide out the container at the front of the machine. Empty the trash inside and shake it properly to dislodge the dust.

Twirl the base of the container to unhook the attached small container. Now, remove the foam piece fitted to the round filter and use your fingertips to rub away the accumulated dirt in it.

Take out the filter where the foam was attached. Dash it gently against the wall to get rid of the trapped dust completely and put the filter back in its place, with the foam piece at the back of it.

Unhook the filter of the large container situated at its base. Bang it similarly on the wall to shake off the dust and then put it back to the vacuum.

After securing the overhead filter, attach the container with the cylinder bagless vacuum and lock it with the lever.

How to Service Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Maintaining Bagless Vacuums - video demonstration

  • First, prepare a well-ventilated space and arrange for a pair of needle nose pliers, 3-in-1 oil and a rigid paintbrush. An airy space, like an open garage or outdoor location, is ideal to avoid inhaling the dust and dirt while cleaning.
  • Second, remove the cleaner's dust collector and see if its filter needs change. Examine if they are clogged with dust. The filter needs to be changed at least twice a year to allow the machine to breathe properly. Turn the hoover upside-down to check if the rotate brush is dirty. If it is entangled with hair, dirt or debris, then take out all the foreign particles and inspect if it has cracks in it.
  • Rotate the brush manually with a piece of wood to see if it is worn down or doing their job of beating and brushing perfectly. Are the brushes making contact with any flat item? If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, ask the manufacturer for instructions on cleaning it.
  • Next check the parts. Is the belt cover cracked, dry dotted, or doesn't feel rubbery anymore? If not, replace it. Are the wheels in good shape and roll easily? If not, pour a few drops of 3-in-1 oil at the joint for better manoeuvring. Are the lights of the unit burnt out, dimmed or flickering? If so, make sure that the vacuum is breathing freely.
  • After cleaning and replacing, but before reassembling the machine, you need to use compressed air to blow out the trapped dirt from the motor and intake valves.

Run this maintenance job twice a year to have your bagless upright vacuum cleaner performing at its peak.

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