Dyson DC32 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
Especially Designed for Removing Pet Hair

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The DC32 Animal Cylinder Cleaner is one of the latest full-size cylinder vacuums from Dyson. It is specifically designed and manufactured for providing powerful suction in removing pet hair on floors and carpets.

The Root Cyclone technology is employed to provide constant suction. The added cyclonic stage of the DC32 Animal in the form of a core separator ensures that even microscopic dust and dirt are sopped up.

The innovative mini turbine head tool is very handy in cleaning tight spaces such as under and around furniture, stairs, and car interior and even upholstered seats.

This bagless vacuum has a forceful and energy-efficient 1400 watts motor.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • consistent and powerful suction
  • no need to buy bags and filters
  • trap allergens
  • easy to move about
  • cleans easily
  • intuitive to operate
  • 5 -year guarantee
  • adequate dust bin
  • expensive
  • quite heavy
  • quite noisy
  • quite bulky to store
  • short flexible hose
  • tube has the tendency to twist
  • homes with pets
  • dry vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • dry vacuuming hard floors

Advantages of the Dyson DC32 Animal Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The small quirks of older Dyson Animal Cylinder vacuum cleaner have been resolved with the new DC32 Animal. The telescopic wand can now be detached from the main vacuum cylinder to easily attach the smaller tools for cleaning stairs, car interiors, upholstered seats and ceilings and walls.

Removing clogged pet and human hair from the turbo brush heads and mini turbo as they can both be removed for cleaning.

The onboard storage slots for the tools are very convenient so is the automatic cord rewind. The Dyson DC32's telescopic wand handles well and can be easily adjusted to the user's height requirement.

Though the vacuum has no variable suction power, the hoover glides effortlessly through any length of carpet or rug piles with consistent suction power. In case the suction is too strong, a button located on the handle can be pressed to let more air while in operation thus lessening the force of the suction without losing quality.

Emptying the dust canister is straightforward enough. There is no need to buy bags and filters regularly as it is a bagless vacuum cleaner fitted with a washable HEPA filter.

This unit easily packs up. Ease in storing is subjective as it depends on the available storage space of the user.

Disadvantages of the Dyson DC32 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Though a lot of improvements have been made on this vacuum, Dyson's designers thought of attaching the exhaust on the hoover's side. This could inadvertently cause the user to experience a few “spews” of exhaust air with a bit of dirt and dust.

Though the telescopic wand is long enough to do most cleaning jobs, the electrical lead and the flexible hose could do with a bit more length.

The dust bin is not exactly small but it could have been designed to be a bit bigger. The tendency to empty the filled dust bin is frequent.

The DC32 Animal is a bit heavy though quite portable up to a point. Its weight is also subjective to the user. A young and fit person would find lugging the DC32 trouble-free whilst a senior citizen with arthritis would find the DC32 Animal too heavy to be portable.

Some users find the Dyson DC32 noisy to operate. The hose can be inflexible at some point especially when in used on stairs.

The turbo brush is not suited for small areas with varied carpeting. Dust and pet hair have the tendency to mat in the bin that more often than not, one has to manually dislodge the accumulated dust and hair.


Pegged at 275, the Dyson DC32 Animal vacuum is not cheap. However, with a consumer rating of 4.5/5 then this vacuum is worth the price. It is really effective as a cleaning tool for homes with pets.

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