Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum
Very Portable - Best Used for Car Interiors

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The Dyson DC31 handheld vacuum cleaner is a very useful gadget for spot cleaning. Ergonomically designed it weighs a mere 2.9 pounds or a bit more than a kilo.

Its powerful motor allows forceful suction in dual modes. The regular suction mode gives a constant suction good for 10 minutes. Upping the suction force by another 70% will reduce the operational energy to 6 minutes. The Dyson digital motor used in this model is three times faster than other brands of handheld vacuum.

The digital motor is definitely lighter, smaller and more forceful than traditional motors. The battery used for the Dyson DC31 has the Energy Star logo making this vacuum a “greener” choice.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • ultra lightweight
  • very portable
  • relatively powerful suction
  • Energy Star qualified battery
  • clear dust bin
  • easy to operate
  • motorized brush for pet hair
  • no filters to buy
  • short battery life
  • no detachable flexible hose
  • long re-charging time
  • too bulky to fit between furniture gaps
  • other tools and accessories not included
  • 2-year warranty
  • made in Malaysia
  • spot cleaning spills
  • vacuuming small areas of carpeting and flooring
  • vacuuming car interior, upholstered seats, stairs

Advantages of the Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC31 is a powerful handheld vacuum powered by a battery with the Energy Star logo. The logo signifies that the battery is eco-friendly which is a good thing for a greener earth.

The DC31 has cleaning tools that can be fitted to its nozzle for more thorough and effective cleaning. The powerful Dyson digital motor is also capable of two speeds for varied suction power. The user can choose the suction strength. This vacuum is effective for dusting.

Since this unit is handheld, lugging it around is easy. It makes cleaning up spills quickly as there is no need to take out the “big” vacuum. One can easily take the DC31 handheld vacuum and effortlessly suck up dirt instantly.

Cleaning small and tight spaces is no task at all. The very handy DC31 is definitely a useful appliance for use at home. It is a cordless vacuum that a user can take it anywhere: in the garden; in the garage; for cleaning the car and so on.

This unit is easy to set up and operate. The package is inclusive of 2 attachment brushes to make cleaning simple. The operation instructions are easy to understand. Emptying the DC31 is easy and no mess to do.

Disadvantages of the Portable Dyson DC31 Hoover

Though the DC31 is very handy around the house, the one glaring flaw of this unit is its short battery life of 6 to 10 minutes, depending on the usage. For a maximum 10-minute use, its recharging time of 3.5 hours is quite long.

There is no charging dock or any holder to sit the vacuum when not in use. It is quite disconcerting to continuously press the “on” button to operate the vacuum. A simple on/off button would have been undemanding for the user.

The vacuum has no extra flexible hose. Other cleaning tool attachments have to be bought as a separate kit. The brush attachments look quite flimsy and “cheap”. Some users find the suction power not good enough for their needs.

For a handheld, this unit is quite expensive at just under 150. It could be the most powerful vacuum in its class but it is more apt for use when picking up crumbs and a bit of dust.


The Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum has an overall consumer rating of 4.1/5. This proves that the DC31 is a handy tool as long as the user appreciates its limitations.

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