Dyson DC26 City Multi Floor
Ultra-lightweight Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for Smaller Homes

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There are lots of vacuum brands that boosts of being compact and light but the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Ultra-lightweight Cylinder Vacuum tops them all.

The DC26 is so small and compact it fits in an A4 size sheet of paper. It has Dyson's patented Root Cyclone technology for that powerful suction featured in bigger Dyson models.

Bagless and filter-less, the Dyson DC26 multi floor vacuum has a fitting adjustable wand with eight settings. The wand can even be disconnected from three places allowing the tools to be attached at various levels for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach niches and nooks.

Made of durable plastic, the DC26 multi floor ultra-lightweight vacuum has a dual channel floor feature that separates the carpet fibre at the front and back of the tool making it more effective for sucking up dust, dirt and mites.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • powerful suction
  • very compact
  • ultra-lightweight
  • no bags and filters to buy
  • very portable
  • easy to operate
  • easy to move about
  • easy to empty
  • 5-year guarantee
  • quite pricey
  • electric lead not long enough
  • filters quite hard to remove
  • hose can't be removed
  • not for homes with pets
  • small dust bin
  • for small homes
  • dry vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • dry vacuuming all floor types

Advantages of the Dyson DC26 City Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The top two advantages of the Dyson DC26 are its compact size and great suction power. It is ultra light weight which makes this cylindrical vacuum cleaner highly portable.

Its small size and portability make this vacuum a good choice not only for hovering small areas but also for vacuuming cars and upholstery. It is bagless and its filter is HEPA approved making the Dyson DC26 apt for controlling household allergens.

The tools for dusting are easy to use and very effective. They can be effectively used for hovering the stairs, skirting boards, around and under furniture. Gaps and crevices in and around the room are easily vacuumed. However, most consumers prefer to attach the extra cleaning tools direct to the hose than on the extension tube or the handle.

Majority of consumers find the DC26 cylinder vacuum cleaner trouble-free to store. The flexible hose is about 5 meters long. For a small house, this length is more than enough. The design and built of the vacuum is well made. Its wheels make this model glide effortlessly in carpets and hard floors.

Disadvantages of the Dyson DC26 Multi floor Hoover

Dyson DC26's compact size is a definitely a plus but its small size naturally translates to a very small dust cylinder. With 0.7 litre capacity, the dust bin is certainly tiny. Since the vacuum is marketed for small household use, the flexible hose might not be satisfactory for those living in medium-sized houses.

The need to plug and unplug the unit when vacuuming larger areas is inevitable. The plastic dust container is easy enough to empty but it aside from filling up quickly, it also has the tendency to look dirty fast. The filters must be washed at least every 4 weeks and dried thoroughly. Failing to do would make the dust stick to the cylinder rendering the vacuum ineffective.

Though the suction of the DC26 is powerful some users find that their unit leaves a lot of fluff on their carpeting. This negative point is subjective though as the fluff could be due to the material of carpeting or rug used.

The air outlet could have been positioned somewhere else in the vacuum as it has the tendency to blow a forceful wind up in the air, hitting the user in the face or buttocks, depending on the user's position.


The Dyson DC26 ultra lightweight cylinder vacuum cleaner is a good choice for small homes. Its light weight makes it suitable for older people who can no longer manage heavy appliances. Though it is not really cheap at 185 its 4.9/5 rating is proof that this vacuum is good value for the money.

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