Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum
Good Performance on Every Floor Type

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Dyson is a leading name when it comes to vacuum cleaners. It is a well-trusted brand used by many UK homes since the early 1980s.

One of Dyson's notable accomplishments in vacuum technology is its powerful suction power aptly called Root Cyclone and the Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Vacuum boosts of this feature and more.

Though the DC25 is not marketed as a vacuum for pet owners, its forceful suction can sop up even deeply embedded pet and human hair.

Another remarkable feature of this unit is Dyson's very own novel Ball technology which makes the DC25 easy to move about and around any type of flooring and carpeting.

Its many applications include “hovering” ceilings and walls, cars, upholstered seats and more.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • high manoeuvrability
  • excellent allergen control
  • efficient on pet hair
  • rates high in performance tests
  • large enough dust bin
  • five year warranty
  • expensive
  • quite noisy
  • not really lightweight
  • tools can be tricky to use
  • short power cord
  • bulky
  • manual cord rewind
  • vacuuming all types of flooring
  • vacuuming carpets

Advantages of Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Hoover

The Dyson DC25 is highly praised by owners because of its outstanding cleaning capability and manoeuvrability. The Dyson ball works easy and smoothly so shoving and pushing the vacuum across any expanse of floor is eliminated. Releasing the lock of the vacuum will keep it upright and flexible to use.

The suction power is incredible as it can actually get rid of long-embedded dust, mites, dirt and pet hair in the carpet. The motor is forceful enough to make vacuuming with this unit seem effortless.

The DC25 multi-floor vacuum has a low head that it can easily clean furniture edges and even go under low tables and radiators. The attachments and tools have slots in the vacuum for ease when using. The extension wand is very handy when cleaning hard-to-reach niches

The dust bin is large enough for small homes and apartments and is good enough for controlling allergens such as dust mites and pet hair.

Converting from cleaning hard floors to carpet is easily done with just the flick of a switch.

Disadvantages of Dyson Ball DC25 Vacuum Cleaner

The one glaring disadvantage of the DC25 vacuum is its price. At 220, this vacuum is quite expensive. The dust bin size is quite satisfactory for small homes but there is a tendency to repeatedly empty the bin in one cleaning session.

Though the extension or telescopic wand is useful and easy to access, one should be careful when attaching any tool on the wand as it inadvertently sucks the vacuum across the area, targeting the user.

The design would have been better if the DC25 comes with a non-collapsing accessory hose that can be plugged into the internal so the user can work without stumbling over the machine.

The machine is quite noisy to operate but is definitely quieter than other vacuums in the same league. Though it is advertised as lightweight, it is not that “light”. The weight is subjective to the one carrying it. One good point is that it could be lug around using one hand.

The lead cord is not that long so the user might have to plug and unplug the unit to clean the whole house.

Emptying the dust bin could prove to be unhygienic as the gathered dust has the tendency to float up from the bin. Cleaning the dusty empty bin is easy though.


With an average of 4.5/5 rating from more than 443 consumers, this vacuum is worth the consideration even if it costs 220. Dyson DC25 multi-floor vacuum is a good deal for a hoover.

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