Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight Hoover
Dyson Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Owners

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Pet owners are pet lovers. Though it is quite annoying to have pet fur all over the house, flooring and carpet et al, pet owners would rather buy a new vacuum machine than banish their pets from the house.

Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight vacuum cleaner is especially designed for homes with pets. This model boosts of the Dyson Ball and Root Cyclone technologies which basically translates to ease in mobility (the vacuum) and super suction power.

It also features a motorized brush bar for cleaning and “fluffing” up carpets and a handy mini turbine head tool for cleaning closed and tricky areas such as ceiling and wall corners, car's interior, stairs, under furniture and upholstered seats.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • great suction power
  • easy to move about
  • easy to use
  • full-sized yet compact
  • washable HEPA filters
  • approved allergen control
  • quite costly
  • not really lightweight
  • dust cylinder requires frequent emptying
  • noisy
  • short manual cord
  • tools not as easy to utilize
  • vacuuming homes with pets
  • all types of floors and carpets

Advantages of the Dyson Ball DC25 Animal Hoover

The Dyson DC25 is fitted with the Dyson Ball technology which makes handling and operating the DC25 Animal easy to move about an area of floor or carpet. There is no need to struggle in pushing and pulling the vacuum around the room and furniture. A simple flick of the wrist is enough to manoeuvre the vacuum. However, it might necessitate some “practice” on the machine before perfecting its manoeuvre.

There is no denying the powerful suction power of the Dyson DC25 Animal. Long-embedded pet fur and human hair are suctioned without difficulty. Carpet piles will regain some degree of fluffiness without any shampooing.

The telescopic wand is a great feature for cleaning the ceiling and walls. The crevice tool is great for cleaning upholstered sofas and even car seats.

This vacuum is approved by the British Allergy Foundation, Allergie Suisse and 12 more worldwide allergy associations. This proves that the Dyson DC25 High Efficiency Particle Air (HEPA) washable filter is very effective and can prove beneficial for homes with asthmatics.

The Dyson DC 25 Animal vacuum cleaner is bagless. The detachable dust bin is clear so the user can see if it's filled up the readily empty it to a compost pile. It is eco-friendly as there is no bag to replace or throw out.

Disadvantages of the DC25 Animal Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum is not cheap at around 270. Though advertised as “lightweight”, it is not. It takes some “muscle” power to manoeuvre the vacuum around corners. It is also quite a feat to lug this vacuum up the stairs. Note though the weight of the vacuum (11 kg) is subjective to the one using it.

The telescopic wand for the tools is not quite as easy to use in small and confined areas. The suction power can sometimes be “too” strong that the hose pipe seems to be like an out-of-control animal nipping the ankles.

The attachments are not as straightforward to use. The foot pedal calls for “precise” foot positioning to operate.

The assembly instruction is pictures without text. The difficulty level of assembling the Dyson DC25 depends on the end user. Intuitive users will have no problem following the instructions while a non-techy person can be in a jam assembling and operating the DC25.

The dust bin is a bit small as there is a need to empty it often. The vacuum's lead cord is short that there is a need to plug and unplug the unit when vacuuming even a small house.


With an average consumer rating of 4.6/5 from 441 customers, the Dyson DC25 Animal Lightweight vacuum cleaner is a good value for money. Though lemons are bound to be produced on occasions, generally speaking, this vacuum is a great consideration for small homes with pets.

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