Dyson DC24 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum
The Ultra-lightweight Multi-purpose Dyson Ball Hoover

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The Dyson DC24 Multi Floor is super lightweight at only 5. 4 kilos and its telescopic handle make this vacuum not only lightweight but also compact.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the Dyson DC2 4 is its innovative “ball” and see- through dust canister. The orange ball is located at the base of the device a works on the principle of a computer's mouse.

The Dyson DC 24 is all about manoeuvrability. The vacuum does not have to travel only in straight lines but can go around obstructions such as furniture.

It takes getting used to the idea of a light vacuum zigzagging with ease through an expanse of hardwood floor or carpet. However, once you get used to the manoeuvrability of a DC24, cleaning the house should be a breeze.

Pros Cons Best Uses
  • very light and compact
  • easy to move about
  • powerful suction
  • innovative ball mechanism
  • intuitive to assemble
  • versatile and easy to use
  • extra brushes and fittings
  • 5-year warranty
  • easy to clean
  • not really cheap
  • quite noisy but tolerable
  • dust bin too small
  • cable cord too short
  • short telescopic hose
  • not for big areas
  • cleaning different floor types
  • vacuuming hard floors
  • vacuuming small areas
  • tight corners

Advantages of The Dyson Ball DC24 Multi-Floor Hoover

The Dyson DC24 is a lightweight and compact vacuum that is easy to set up, quite effortless to manoeuvre and has a lot of added features for a more comprehensive vacuuming of carpets and hard floors. Its narrow track is advantageous as it can vacuum and clean hard-to-reach places.

The unique ball design of this hoover works well. The suction of this vacuum is powerful enough to sop up stubborn dirt and in carpets and on hard floors. Its singular tool end cleverly switches between a nozzle and a brush. There are other brushes that come with the unit to better facilitate cleaning.

The DC24 is so compact that its telescopic handle can be pushed in or pulled out gently as needed. This feature works best in confined storage areas. The unit is so lightweight that you can lug it up and down the stairs without breaking sweat.

The dust bin canister is made of hard, transparent plastic and can simply be removed for cleaning. The two filters located at the top of the canister and in the ball are uncomplicated to remove. It is obviously bag-less so users can save up on buying vacuum bags. Just a few swipes on the canister and it is all set to accept dirt and debris again.

In case of blockage, the brush bar and the telescopic tube can be removed to take out the jam. The unit smoothly converts from an upright vacuum to a hose cleaner and vice-versa.

Disadvantages of The Dyson DC24 Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

The one glaring con of the Dyson DC24 is its compact size. The vacuum does not have the capacity to clean large areas. It is, however, a good match for bachelor pads and small apartments. It might also be a good idea to have a DC24 as a second hoover for spot cleaning.

The DC24 is loud to operate but it is still quieter than most vacuum cleaners of the same calibre. There is no automatic recoil function for the cable which is quite a hassle as you have to manually wind the cable.

The cord is so short that you would have to plug and unplug the hoover to clean other spots in the room. Though the transparent dust canister is a good indicator that it is full, some users prefer not to see the gathered dust and dirt.

Some consumer reviews point out that the supplied instructions are not as straightforward. Though the instructions manual has illustrations and accompanying texts, they are more confusing than helpful. However, for the tech savvy DIY-ers, assembling and using the DC24 is rather intuitive.

Note that this is a dry vacuum. You would need a separate vacuum for carpet shampooing. For the price of just under or about 200, this unit is not really cheap.


The Dyson DC24 is a highly recommended vacuum for confined living spaces and for dry vacuuming. If your house is rather big, a larger model is more apt.

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