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2011-2012 Top Vacuum Cleaners; Spares, Parts & Hoover Bags Buying Guide

Welcome to Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews. Here you can read impartial reviews and ratings of various vacuum cleaner brands sold in the UK and Europe.

Dyson-reviews Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
Best Lightweight Hoovers for Homes

Based on the consensus of online consumer reports and our editors' picks, Dyson has the best range of high-end quality cylinder and upright lightweight vacuum cleaners for removing pet hair and treatment of multi-floor surface types.

bosch-reviews Bosch Vacuum Cleaners
Energy Efficient Bagless Hoovers

Sold with the world's longest integrated vacuum cords (up to 15m operating radius) both upright and bagless Bosch hoovers have innovative 360 degrees BallConnection for easy reaching every corner of the house.

henry-reviews Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaners
Most Popular, Professional & Powerful

The toy looking Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner is the Europe's and UK's favourite cleaner with durable commercial ergonomic design. Using three-stage filtration system, powerful twin-flow turbine motors, stainless steel tubes...

electrolux-reviews Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners
Hygienic, Noiseless & Odour-Free

For those concerned about hygiene and noise, the bagless upright Electrolux vacuum cleaner will deliver quiet odourless carpet cleaning experience. Electrolux hoover has excellent allergy control...

sebo-reviews Sebo Vacuum Cleaners
Allergy Foundation Approved Sebo Hoovers

Recommended by respected carpet manufacturers, all Sebo vacuums have approval seals from the British Allergy Foundation. Sebo hoover bags come in large capacity of over 5 litres. The Sebo X4Extra has 7kg BigFoot design...

Hoover-reviews Hoover Vacuum Cleaners
Portable Cordless Upright & Cylinder

Whether you buy bagless or bagged cylinder, upright or handheld Hoover vacuum cleaner, these cordless appliances are very light weight, easy on the carpet and have UK approved allergy resistance for both wet and dry...

miele-reviews Miele Vacuum Cleaners
Best Cat and Dog HEPA Hoovers

The hygienic cylinder Miele hoovers are quiet and deliver pet hair HEPA filtration system that truly works. Equipped with exclusive swivel neck joint, upright Miele vacuums are easy to navigate around the furniture. LED lights help reaching out dark areas of your house...

lg-reviews LG Vacuum Cleaners
Compressor Upright Bagless Hoovers

Dirt Compression technology enables LG vacuum cleaner to capture airborne allergens and efficiently clean difficult areas. Upright bagless LG hoovers make it easy to dispose off the dust with its Rotablade and HEPA filters that can remove up to 99.97% of...

kirby-reviews Kirby Vacuums
Bagged Upright Kirby G4 Hoover

The powerful upright Kirby vacuum cleaners in G2, G3, G4, G5 an G6 series offer advanced features, like self-propelling system of Kirby G4, Quick Drying Carpet Shampooing process, TechDrive power, Toe Touch Control, etc....

Morphy-Richards-reviews Morphy Richards Vacuum Cleaners
British Made - Convenient On-Board Storage

The British Morphy Richards hoovers are sold with convenient on-board storage facility, long guarantee on spare parts (over 5 years) and large vacuum bags. Though expensive, some models have 22 mini cyclones...

Panasonic-reviews Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners
Longest Warranty for All Floor Surfaces

With prolonged guarantee of six years, the Eco-max upright Panasonic hoovers have 3-in-one nozzle attachments that need no changing between vacuuming different floor types. Non-stick surface of GORE membrane releases all trapped particles with a simple rinse or wave.

Samsung-reviews Samsung Vacuum Cleaner
Stylish Cylinder & Innovative Robotic Hoover

The cylinder Samsung hoover features Multi Chamber and HEPA 13 filtration system for effective per hair removal. Yet, the most sought after product is the smart Samsung NaviBot Robotic vacuum...

Nilfisk-reviews Nilfisk Vacuum Cleaners
Commercial Vacuums - Powerful Suction

For science laboratories or industrial plants, professional Nilfisk vacuum cleaner offers optimum suction power. For consumers, Nilfisk Advance hoovers are quiet and clean.

upright-reviews Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Best Lightweight Bagless Upright Hoover Reviews

With a lightweight bagless upright vacuum cleaner, there is no need for bending down straining your back or leg muscles. The best upright vacuums for all floors...

cylinder-reviews Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners
Bagged Vs. Bagless Cylinder Hoovers Reviews

Whether you buy a bagged or bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner, its is very compact in size, portable and convenient to use with attachments like: mini-turbine head, brush - crevice - stair tools, etc.

bagless-reviews Bagless Vacuum Cleaners
Maintenance, Cleaning Tips & Pros/Cons Comparison

The upright bagless vacuum cleaner designs use metal containers that can hold more dirt than using traditional hoover bags. Through less emptying is required, cleaning canisters filters is more difficult and troublesome...

industrial-reviews Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
UK Commercial & Heavy Duty Hoover Buying Guide

Standard commercial vacuum cleaners have suction power of 7.5KW to 25KW, with 200 litres drums capacity. Professional industrial hoovers are durable, require low maintenance

robot-reviewsRobot Vacuum Cleaner
Reviews of Best Robotic Hoover Cleaners in UK

Compare best robot vacuum cleaners by Roomba, Samsung and Electrolux. See how robotic vacuums work and if these fully automatic hoovers are any good to buy for people with busy work schedule.

handheld-reviews Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners
Corded, Cordless, Wet & Dry Handheld Hoovers

Whether you need a small portable handheld vacuum cleaner for car seats, pet hair or stairs, finding the best hand held hoover among corded, cordless battery rechargeable units and wet/dry models...

computer-vacuum-cleanerComputer Vacuum
Reviews of Best USB Laptop and Hand Held PC Hoovers

To pick up food crumbs, clean dirt and dust between pc, notebook or laptop keyboards, you can buy USB computer vacuums or a small handheld hoover...

mini-reviews Small Vacuum Cleaners
Best Portable Mini Hoovers Buying Tips

Standard compact vacuum cleaners' dimensions are about 15cm x 5cm x 6cm. Most cordless small hoover models are powered by computer USB ports or rechargeable batteries.

cheap-reviews Cheap Vacuum Cleaners
How to Save Money Buying Cheap Hoovers

Most cheap vacuums come under 100. When buying affordable budget hoovers, look for easy disposal of trash features, like detachable dirt cup; headlights for accessing the dark hidden spaces; top quality filters; power switches on handle bars for convenient usage.

hoover-bagsHoover Bags Hygiene Tips
Killing Fleas & Stop Bugs Crawling out of Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Concerned about cheap vacuum bags hygiene problems? To kill fleas and prevent bugs crawling out of vacuum cleaner bag, buy quality sealable fabric or paper storage packs, use borax and salt...

It can be hard to choose which vacuum or steam cleaner is the best one for you house, especially when you don't know what type of vacuum cleaner is best for what floor cleaning purposes. That's why this site has been created, to help guide you through a step by step process on how to select, inspect and decide on the best value model for your money, through series of questions you need to ask yourself, as well as some other ratings factors to take into consideration.

For example, the name Hoover, which purely means vacuum cleaner has been used in the UK English for a very long time, it means floor cleaning machine. But to day, in the market of vacuum, brands such as Dyson have a very larger market share. So you might want to consider and compare between those two big manufacturers side by side to see which one will work better for you home, apartment, work office or community set up, like in Churches and cinemas.

We have analyzed each brand for its strength, unique selling features, what consumer liked about them, what customer didn't like, what worked and what didn't and so one, to point out the one that most closely meets your needs.

Feel free to browse around and read the full detailed reviews of vacuum cleaners you might find online to help you make informed and wise purchase decisions.

For starters, there are bagless vacuum cleaners, which utilises the technology similar jet turbines, without having rubbish air bags. These can be quite convenient for small tight spaces, and most models will be very light weight - means they can be very portable for vacuuming around corners, like stairs, corridors, cupboards draws, at the ceiling and so on.

Then there are some new advanced automatic vacuum cleaners, called vacuum robots, which have built- programs to run by themselves, They can even go to wall mount and recharge themselves when the energy come dry. These are smart vacuum cleaners and can be expensive, but the need no care from you end, just turn it on and let it do the house cleaning task for you all day long.

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